Let me catch you up a little…

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I apologize for my lack of updates recently. Don’t be offended — I haven’t done much writing at all lately. I’ve been so caught up in so many things lately, writing has just turned into a huge task not worth taking on. It used to be a stress-reliever, but now it just seems like my mind is racing a mile a minute and I can’t type that fast. Since the middle of July, I’ve taken four trips to Richmond and one to South Carolina and I’ll be taking another to D.C. for the Virginia Tech/USC game this weekend. I’ve had a few job interviews, a few visits with old friends, a fun week with all the little cousins, and a considerable lack of days at work. I doubt I’m earning more than I’m spending on gas and the Malibu these days. I’ve mostly given up partying like a rock star, I’ve definitely gotten over Woody’s and drinking every night of the week, and I’ve been concentrating on doing more productive things with my spare time like running and listening to music (usually at the same time). I still enjoy working at Chef Ed’s a few days a week, and I’ll be sad when we close at the end of the summer, but I hope that I’ll finally be able to find a “real” job when I go to Richmond in October. (I also hope that I’ll actually go to Richmond by October.) It’s been a crazy fun summer, but it’s time to move on and do something new again.