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Acai vs. Argan — An End to My Quest

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I know you’ve been waiting patiently for the results of my body lotion comparison, so here it is. Like Brad Womack on The Bachelor: Season 11, I picked…neither! Here’s how it played out.

After I wrote my last entry, I went back to Sephora and slathered the tester of Fresh Sugar Acai Age-Delay Body Cream all over my arms and legs. It felt kind of sticky at first, and I wasn’t sure if I liked the smell as much as I did the first time. However, after a few hours, my skin felt awesome. It continued to feel awesome the next day (even after I showered). I was impressed. My little sample bottles have arrived, but I haven’t used them yet. I’ve decided to save them for special occasions.

The Alba Botanica Acai Antioxidant Body Lotion arrived yesterday, and I quickly ripped it out of the package to try it out. As soon as I opened the box, it smelled extremely fruity. When I put it on, the scent was a little to strong for me, and I didn’t think what it did to my skin was very extraordinary. It was nice, but not as nice as the Fresh body cream. I was disappointed, but I think I’ll still use the bottle. You might like the Alba acai body lotion if you’re a fan of fruity scents, and lighter lotions. Alba is a great line — I love their Hawaiian line of products, and my boyfriend and I both use the Sea Moss Moisturizer with SPF 15 (for day) and the Sea Plus Renewal Creme (for night) from the Advanced line.

By now, you’re probably wondering why I chose neither. Let me start with hair products…

A few weeks ago, at the salon, my stylist used MoroccanOil on my hair for the first time. It smelled delicious! I was intrigued and Googled the product to find that the main ingredient is argan oil — an oil high in Vitamin E that Moroccans have been slathering on their hair and skin for thousands of years. Grown only in the Berber region of Morocco, the rare Argan tree is yields the magical nuts from which this legendary oil is made. Now, I don’t know about all that, but I certainly liked a.) the way it smelled in my hair, and b.) the way it made my hair feel. And we all know what happens when Lisa experiences silky smooth, fragrant tresses. I have to buy! I ordered a travel-size bottle from

Now, back to body lotions. I ventured into Bath & Body Works today looking for hand sanitizer. (You know there’s a swine flu pandemic going on — everyone needs hand sanitizer!) Of course, I didn’t leave with hand sanitizer; I left with a new body lotion because you can imagine that I was intrigued to see argan as an ingredient in a body lotion at Bath & Body Works. I tried a little dab of it on my arm, and I fell in love with it. The True Blue Morocco Sweet Fig & Argan Body Lotion — that’s what I choose for my new body lotion. It feels almost as good as the Fresh Sugar Acai Body Cream, and it smells even better! Plus, it was 50 percent off! You know I love a sale. (However, I did find out it was 50 percent off because they are phasing it out of the store, so if you want to try it, you’d better get it soon.) I bought two bottles — one for home, and one for work. I have to say, it looks very pretty sitting on my desk.

Well, there you have it. Leave it to me to pick something entirely different than what I set out on a quest for. Argan and acai are both pretty legendary and beneficial if you ask me — they’re both so exotic-sounding, too.! But, at the end of the day, I think I’ll keep drinking that fruity acai in smoothies, and leave the body and hair care to the timeless argan oil. Unless someone wants to buy me that Fresh stuff for Christmas…

Final thoughts: Fresh Sugar Acai Age-Delay Body Cream is a great product; if I owned a full-size tube of it, I’d probably use it once or twice a week to make it last and feel like I got my money out of it. Alba Acai Antioxidant Body Lotion smells like a Juicy Juice, and I definitely don’t love it. True Blue Morocco Sweet Fig & Argan Body Lotion gets the job done for the right price — 50 percent of $15 — in a cute and classy glass bottle with a pump. For now, I’ll be indulging in argan oil for my hair and my skin, all the while keeping my fingers crossed that this product is still around when I run out!

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Quest for an Acai Body Lotion

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I realize that I haven’t updated the LJ much this year, so I’m going to try writing about specific topics and then follow up with my results in an attempt to blog more frequently. (Note that in this particular case, I’m going to justify spending a lot of money.)

My quest for an acai body lotion was pretty much non-existent until yesterday, when I happened to sample Fresh Sugar Acai Age-Delay Body Cream at Sephora. I’ve always been a fan of Fresh in the sense that I usually sample a few of their products when I’m in the mall, and I frequently choose their Sugar Blossom Hand Treatment to give as a gift. My general review of Fresh is that their products are great, but they’re very expensive. Therefore, I usually don’t buy any for myself because my shopping tendencies lean more towards deal-seeking these days – I’m not the indulgent, compulsive buyer that I used to be.

That being said, I have been known to occasionally cave on a pricey beauty product if it meets two criteria: (1) it works better than what I already have, and (2) it smells amazing. Fresh Sugar Acai Age-Delay Body Cream appears to meet both – it made my skin feel silky smooth, and I couldn’t stop sniffing my arm all day. However, 6.8 oz. of this lotion costs $65! Before making any hasty decisions, I decided to do a little research in order to make an educated decision on such a lofty purchase.

Taking into account the fact that I’ve never sampled any other acai body lotions (but that I’ve been familiar with the acai berry for quite some time), I figured it was safe to assume there aren’t very many similar popular brand-name products out there (as in, products I can sample before buying). Also, after a thorough Googling, I found that there are no instances of the Fresh body cream selling for less than $65 on the Internet anywhere. I did find an acai body lotion availabe from Alba, a brand I’ve used and loved for several years, however it appears to be somewhat new, and there are no local retailers carrying it. The Acai Antioxidant Body Lotion is part of Alba’s Rainforest line of products.

My next step? I’m going to purchase a few sample-size tubes of the Fresh body cream (three .33 oz. tubes for $8 on eBay), as well as the 8 oz. bottle of the Alba body lotion ($11 at I should have both this week. Stay tuned for the results of my comparison, and my final decision!