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On Repeat: Vampire Weekend

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Sunday night, cleaning my room. I could listen to this song all night. My favorite thing about Vampire Weekend is that the first time I hear their songs, I never know what the hell they’re about. There’s always a little research to be done — some Googling, some listening to old songs, some interpretation. Come to think of it, I’ve written about this before. You’ll like this song when you hear it, but you’ll understand it a little more once you listen to this one. I spend so much time trying to think of original ideas all the time. Maybe that’s not the point. Mark Twain wrote in a letter, “For substantially all ideas are second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources…” Sounds like a perfect explanation for just a few of this song’s lyrics. Either way, Vampire Weekend gets it right. Over and over again.

Dinner & Drinks: Caffe Napoli

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Over the last few summers, my mom and I have made it a little tradition to spend a day roaming around NYC with no plan whatsoever. Highlights of our day trips in years past have included Central Park, the Met, endless hours of shopping, and even ducking into a little nail salon for spur-of-the-moment pedicures. What stood out this year was all of the delicious food we snacked on all day — especially our early dinner outdoors at Caffe Napoli in Little Italy. We split a bottle of Prosecco and a few plates (bruschetta, a pasta dish and chicken Francaise) to comprise the perfect three-course meal.