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Time Out

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I always used to say, “If I’m not working, I’m on vacation.” On a 29-degree workday, the closest I could come to a tropical getaway on my lunch break was to munch on a Cuban guava pastry (pastelito de guyaba compliments of a co-worker who just returned from Key West), bundle up in a winter coat, and trudge out to my car, where I enjoyed the sounds of Caribbean music while catching some rays through the sunroof and immersing myself in Treasure Island on my Kindle for an hour. That counts, right?

Christmas Wrapping

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To: J
From: Lisa
Subject: Song?
Sent: Fri, Nov 18, 2011 2:55 PM

Do you think you could download me The Waitresses Christmas Wrapping song? Because I think I might die if I can’t listen to it 19,586 times this holiday season. I heard it today all the way through for the first time in two years, and I am determined to hear it in its entirety several more times before December 26. =)

World Go Round

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Some things I’m obsessed with at the moment:
Peppermint mochas
Sweet potato chips
Organizing my closet
Taking pictures
Trying on all my clothes to come up with some cool winter outfit ideas
Boots (Specifically these boots. I need them. If I don’t get them, I’m not sure I’ll have the will to live anymore. Whenever I click on the brown color and my size and see, “Only 2 left in this combination!”, I start to feel extremely panicked.)
Crossword puzzles
The puppy
Contemplating the future of my blogs (This one is so much easier to keep up with, and I like it more.)
Wondering whether or not I want a Kindle Fire for Christmas (As in, I think about the fact that I might want one, but I haven’t actually researched exactly what the pros and cons of one are, so I really have no clue.)
Listening to songs that remind me of my last two trips to New Jersey, like Super Bass, Sugarcane (dumbest song ever), and Knee Deep

I wish I were obsessed with things like vacuuming and selling shit on eBay. Then I’d have a clean floor and some extra cash. But I guess leopard and plaid are more important than that anyway.

Back to Basics

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Diesel 2011.10.25

Diesel and I went for our first real run today! I haven’t been running in forever, and I’ve been looking forward to taking him out with me ever since we decided to get him. His little legs are finally long enough, and it turns out we run at a pretty good pace for each other. I’m pretty excited about it. =)

I’ve had the house to myself all week because my roommate is out in the field, and I’ve been taking advantage of my quality alone time by baking, blogging, and listening to classical music.

Speaking of classical music, the Virginia Symphony Orchestra is playing at Chrysler Hall on Saturday night, and I really want to go. The cheapest tickets are $14.75, and they’re playing two pieces in honor of Franz Liszt’s 200th birthday. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for my lack of motivation to dress up for Halloween. Despite the fact that I’ve been burning a pumpkin candle for weeks, I just can’t find it in me to go all out this year.

Although, I have been occasionally switching from “Light Classical” to “Holiday Favorites” on my TV — the Halloween music is hilarious.

I was going to dress Diesel up, but not as a mermaid or a shark or anything like that. I just wanted to get a little barrel and strap it to his collar, so he could be a Saint Bernard.

I probably won’t do that either. =)