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little cousins

American Idol?

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After my aunt and uncle left this evening to take their friends to the airport, the cousins and three of their friends (total: 7 kids) decided to engage in a friendly game of American Idol. I’m not exactly sure what the rule to this particular game entailed, but from what I could see, the were as follows:

1. You must be wearing a bathing suit.
2. You must wear Aunt Kim’s black high-heeled boots to sing.
3. You cannot sing in Sim (Sim being the language that the people talk in on The Sims – that dumb computer game).
4. If you suck, people throw shoes at you.

I’m sure you can imagine where this is going — especially if you’ve read my past entries about the screaming that can go on in this house. Friendly promptly turned into violent, and I wasn’t sure whether I should be more worried about Sammy falling on her face or poking Franky’s eyes out with those boots.

After some quick thinking, I soon rectified the situation by leading a choir of bathing suit-clad kids and a cat in a terribly discordant rendition of the Spongebob Squarepants song.

In other news, today I got to eat lunch at the Top of the World restaurant in the Stratosphere Tower. Then Kristin and I rode the Big Shot – the free-fall ride on top. I screamed. After it was over, I had to ask, “Um, did I say any bad words? I’m sorry if I did.” Kristin insisted that I didn’t, but I can’t remember clearly enough to verify that.

We went to see the white tiger at the Mirage, and then we came home and I’ve spent more than three hours on hold with Gateway support due to the abrupt way that my wireless network card decided to cease functioning.

And, last but not least, the Scandalous Fam of Chi Omega has a new addition! I am a Great Great Grand-Big! I’m so excited. I hope I get to meet my new Great Great Grand-Little sometime when I go back East. I love my Chi-O fam so much – Sarah, Jenn, and Melissa (and Zelmi and Jen S.), you are the BEST sisters I could have asked for!

Good lord, I think they’re still singing downstairs. “OOOOOOOOOOh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?…” Craziness.

A trip to the movies

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I took my four little cousins to the movies tonight. We saw 50 First Dates and it was really funny. Here’s a synopsis of the evening:

We left the house around eight and headed to the drug store to buy some candy. We brought along my old Roxy messenger bag for food-smuggling purposes. I felt sort of like I was chaperoning a class trip — I made sure to count four heads on the way in and on the way out of the store. After purchasing two large Hershey bars, peanut butter cups, Twix, several sodas, and this month’s Cosmo (with Julia Stiles on the cover), we got back in the car and strategically placed the items into the smuggling bag. We made four wrong turns, but finally headed in the general direction of the movie theater. We even got to see an overturned vehicle in the middle of the road on the way there — there was an accident or something.

After we bought the tickets, and herded ourselves to the movie-food counter, Franky (the youngest cousin – age 8) and I had a bit of a popcorn dispute. He said we needed a large popcorn, but I said we needed a small. We ordered a small and went to sit down. We were about 20 minutes early, so Kristin and I passed out the smuggled food and drinks and Franky and I started eating our popcorn. After a few handfuls, Franky grabbed my hand and said, “No more popcorn until the movie starts.” I really wanted to eat more — it was good popcorn. I didn’t like this plan, but lost the argument. Several minutes passed and I got frustrated with the no-more-popcorn-til-the-movie-starts rule, so I trudged back out to the lobby to buy another small popcorn. I then proceeded to eat the entire bag, and Franky ate his whole bag, too. (Note: The point of sharing a small popcorn with Franky was so that neither of us would eat an entire bag — hell, I had just gotten done saying I wasn’t going to eat any popcorn at all.)

The movie was funny. Go see it.

In the car on the way home, Franky started whining that his stomach hurt because he ate too much popcorn. Go figure.

I’m sure my night was much more amusing that I’ve been able to make it sound, but I am exhausted. Living with four little cousins requires more energy than you think. For instance, you wouldn’t think that eating tacos would make you dizzy, but when you eat tacos with four little cousins and two of their friends, it is very possible you will become somewhat dizzy just trying to keep track of all the places a clump of chopped meat has landed. The screaming about which boy down the street is hotter and which taco shells are better doesn’t help. However, there are times that the screaming is good — like tonight when I said we were going to the movies, Franky asked which one. “50 First Dates,” I said. After that I think he screamed, “ADAM SANDLER!!!” as he jumped from the armrest of the chair onto my head. While somewhat painful, it was definitely entertaining, and I think he was attempting a hug-like gesture, so I felt extremely appreciated.

As you can see, living with four little cousins has its ups and downs. For now, they’re all in bed, and it’s quiet (except for the hamster — I think its eating or something — and I do believe I can hear the music from a Gameboy Advance coming from someone’s room), but I’m sure by 8:00 tomorrow morning, it will all begin again. I’d better get some sleep while I can.

I am the proud owner of strong narcotics.

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So, I’m here in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, I spent the first night I was here in the emergency room – an experience I don’t look forward to ever repeating.  Due to the non-existent blood clot I thought might be present in my leg, I finally panicked and went to the hospital to make sure I wasn’t going to suffer from sudden death by pulmonary embolism.  Apparently, I just have some insanely painful leg cramps from the six long days of driving, so after all those hours in the emergency room, all I got was a painful ultrasound negative for blood clots, a lecture about getting enough potassium, and a prescription for Lortab.  Needless to say, I won’t be returning to Jersey until the day I have enough money saved up to ship my car.  But, for now, at least I can say, “I am the proud owner of strong narcotics” over and over again until the pill I just took knocks me out and puts me to sleep for 10 hours.

On a brighter note, I made $5 into $25 at a slot machine this afternoon.  It may not seem like a lot, but it means I’ve increased my savings by 12 percent.  (Yes, I am in desperate need of a job, I know.)  Of course, of that $25, $5 of it was what I started with, I spent $15.59 on a belt (just what I need – another belt), and saved one of the one-dollar coins that came out of the slot machine for good luck, so I guess I only really left with $3.41 and a belt more than I started with.  This journal entry is beginning to look like a word problem.

My four little cousins are cracking me up.  Here’s a picture of this evening:  I’m IMing friends on the computer.  Franky comes in and starts reading over my shoulder.  Courtney comes in and sees a fuzz on Franky’s head.  She says it looks like spider eggs and that it won’t come out.  He screams and starts rubbing his head on the bed I have to sleep in tonight.  I shriek and tell him to get out of the room.  Courtney comes back shaking with toilet paper and gets it out of his head.  She flushes it down the toilet.  Franky finally stops screaming and when Courtney comes back, he farts.  She yells at him for farting on his shoe and he informs her that he got called back to the peanut butter commercial that my uncle took him to audition for this afternoon.  He has to go back again tomorrow for more auditioning.  She says she doesn’t care.  It’s not polite to fart on people’s shoes.  Franky leaves the room and Kristin comes in.  They’re still reading IM conversations over my shoulder.  Franky comes back with a banana which comes dangerously close to the laptop screen.  “Please keep all squishy fruits 12 inches from all electronic devices,” I say.  All of a sudden, Courtney says, “Franky, what did you put in my pants!”  He may have put a piece of banana down the back of her pants, but I’m not sure.  I do know that a slight wedgy war began shortly after that.  Samantha comes into the room and I now have an audience of four watching me type all mesmerized by the sheer speed and accuracy of my typing.  I realize I’m glad I didn’t take a nap this evening – I may have missed all of this excitement.  Of course, I think this kind of eventfulness will be everpresent in the upcoming weeks.

Anyway, the painkiller is starting to kick in and I have a lot of sleep to catch up on.  Here’s another word problem.  If Lisa lost three nights of sleep due to panicking about a non-existent case of thrombosis and one night of sleep from spending six hours in an emergency room, then how many hours of sleep does Lisa need to get tonight?  More than she will actually get, I’m sure.

Either way, I’m in Vegas, the weather’s nice, I got in a nice run this morning (which actually made my legs feel better), and I have my cutest, youngest , little cousin begging to cuddle up with me in bed.  Life doesn’t get much better than that.