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This girl is brilliant.

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Have you read this? Boy, did she hit the nail on the head. She even managed to score a blog out of the damn thing. Check it out —–> The Gig. Anyone want to buy me a subscription to Fortune magazine?

Putting Off Packing

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I’m supposed to be packing (Did I mention I bought I condo? Probably not since I currently suck at updating the LJ.), but I have no boxes and my apartment is a mess because Tom is the most disgusting roommate I have ever had. (I can say that because I tell him to his face.) Tom went out of town for a week and left the trash overflowing, a bunch of dirty dishes in the sink, and a week-old Kentucky Fried Chicken container full of congealed mashed potatoes and chicken bones on the counter. That is so gross.

Anyway, yeah, Kristina and I bought a condo together. (I know. We fucking rock.) It’s awesome. Tom’s not going to be allowed over. Just kidding.

It’s on the third floor, it has cathedral ceilings, and it has two bathrooms, which means I get my own bathroom for the first time ever. Well, for the first time since my brother was born in 1985. He was actually born exactly 21 years ago tomorrow in 1985. I guess that means I should say, “Happy 21st Birthday, Stephen! Get wasted!”

Right, the condo. It’s at Hilltop. It’s near Panera and Border’s and the new Qdoba that’s being built on Laskin Road. Qdoba is amazing. I had it once at Short Hills Mall. Amazing. There’s also one in the Seattle airport, but the line was too long, so I didn’t get to eat at that one. I went to Seattle for my cousin’s wedding.

Sorry – where was I? The condo also (obviously) has two bedrooms – one for me and one for Kristina. Hers is going to be white with brown accent walls. Mine is going to be green. I hate painting.

I painted my bathroom. I painted it three different colors. It’s gold on the bottom and light blue on the top with a dark brown stripe separating the two. It’s interesting. I always love it when I’m looking at it, but whenever I picture it in my head, I think, “Why did I go and paint my bathroom all weird and shit?” It’s cool though. Seriously. Everyone thinks it’s cool. (Except for Tom, but he’s not allowed over anyway.)

I really wanted to find a dark brown shelf or cabinet for the bathroom. I found one at Target. Chris helped me put it together. I thought it was awesome. Then Tara came over and said it was too big. So, I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought a cabinet that’s a little lighter brown. I lugged it upstairs all by myself (three floors, remember?), put it together, brought it into the bathroom and decided I liked the first shelf better. I brought it back into my room, took it all apart, put it back in the box, struggled downstairs with it, and put it in my trunk. I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to return it with Tara. When I opened the trunk and she saw it, she said, “That would look awesome in your room!” She was right, so I sighed and closed the trunk. It’s still in there. I guess I’m eventually going to bring it all the way back upstairs and put it back together. Busy tomorrow?

Okay. I’m going to go pack something. So far, my attempt at packing has involved going through my CD collection and deciding it’s finally time to get rid of Drew’s Famous Party Music, Ace of Base, Ricky Martin, The Jock Jam single, and also Drew’s Famous Party Music Volume 2 along with several others. I also threw everything from the bathroom cabinet into a box and spent a half hour in the hot tub with Rich. Oh, and I took out the trash. That’s pretty good, right?

Woody’s Wednesdays

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This is why I love my job.


Way back in the day, there were Wine Wednesdays. Woody’s Wednesdays are even cooler.

Life is sweet.

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: awesome
And I’m singin’ along to:
Yeah – Usher

My favorite artist…

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…is Michael Cassidy.

I think that any one of his surfing or Hawaiiana pieces would compliment my choice of bedroom decorations perfectly.  One of my favorites, is, of course, “Teach Me To Surf, Sugar Daddy.”  Unfortunately, I don’t have $95 to spare right now for one of those giclee mini-prints.  Someday…