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holiday fun

Dear Mom

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This is my mom. Sometimes she tells me (and this is a direct quote), “You never take any pictures with me.”

Today, in honor of Mother’s Day, I would like to say that I respectfully disagree. =)









I would also like to say Happy Mother’s Day to Grandma B.


And to Grandma Tillie (even though she’s not with us anymore).


And lastly, I’d like to admit, for the record, that my mom did, in fact, own this Cole Haan bag before I did. =)


To be sure my mom actually sees this post, I’m posting it in both of my blogs.

And that is all.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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My Valentine’s Day

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My friend Michelle brought in a box full of obnoxiously delicious pink and red cupcakes today for Valentine’s Day. I had one for breakfast (justifying it by stating that a cupcake is an infinitely more healthy breakfast option than leftover cheesecake).

After my cupcake, I spent a few minutes perusing BHLDN, the new Anthropologie wedding line. If I had a million dollars, I would buy one of everything just to twirl around in it. It’s a good thing I’m not engaged right now because I’d be having some serious self-control issues – right up there with what happens when they put that bowl of chips and salsa in front of me at Mexican restaurants. Since I’m not currently planning a wedding, my top three favorites on the BHLDN website today were the Gin Fizz Shift, the Bow-Topped Slingbacks in Saffron, and the Entwined Belt. Well the rope belt actually came off the top three when I realized it was $262. Unless you can convince me it’s made of rope from the Titanic, I’m pretty much not paying $262 for a belt.

After I was done perusing the BHLDN site, I got a little work done. Then, because Valentine’s Day is a holiday, and I felt like celebrating, I had leftover cheesecake as a mid-morning snack. I had this conversation in my head:

“Are you eating cheesecake?”


“But I thought you just ate a cupcake?”

“Oh yeah.”

My one saving grace was that the plan for this evening was to use my Groupon for a half-off slimming body wrap at Letoile Day Spa in Norfolk. (That’s half off the price, not half off my body weight, apparently.) Tina and I drove out to Norfolk after work, and after we sat through the same left turn arrow for like…eight light changes, we finally made it to the spa. We then proceeded to get rubbed down with “herbal gel” (Icy Hot) and mummified in plastic wrap and cheesecloth. Then we had to get in these space-capsule-looking things and heated up to 87 degrees. Baking in there was fine for the first 32 minutes, but the last eight were pretty brutal (and sweaty).

Anyway, after that, I picked up a romantic dinner of Firehouse Subs for J and I. We actually had our Valentine’s Day dinner last night at Il Giardino. J ordered me a tripod for my new camera for Valentine’s Day, and he also surprised me with a dozen roses. It was sweet. =)

Now we’re going to do our normal Monday night thing — watch Chuck. =)

And that was my day. Oh, and I still want those yellow shoes. A lot.

Images courtesy of BHLDN.

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Snowed In

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Baby, I’m not driving my car anywhere because I am snowed in. It figures the first year I actually drive to New Jersey for Christmas, rather than fly, we get dumped on. I was scheduled to drive back down to Virginia Beach tomorrow, but now I’m scheduled to sleep in and eat more Christmas cookies for breakfast.

Although, look at the bright side. My flight would have been canceled anyway.

Do you ever feel like these weather headlines get a little out of control? “Snow totals build as blizzard rages.” That’s what the Asbury Park Press says.

Rages? I’m not sure if that’s how I would describe it. I mean, if anything, I would say this snowstorm is a little lethargic. It’s just kind of moseying its way up the coast, dumping two to four inches per hour on our heads, but there isn’t much about it that’s raging, per se. If anything, it’s quite quiet and peaceful outside, save for the occasional 41 MPH gust of wind.

Being stuck three states away from home isn’t so bad. I’m pretty sure there’s more snow in Virginia Beach than there is here. Although there’s a good chance that could change by morning — I’m looking out the window, and I’d have to say we’re at about 12 to 14 inches and counting based on what’s piled up on the table outside.

The most entertaining part of this storm was conning my mom into taking pictures with the timer out of the back of her SUV after we stopped at FoodTown on the way home this afternoon.

My dad and my brother headed up to Newark this evening to the Devils game. Waiting with baited breath for their dramatic entrance because I’m pretty sure they’re going to have some trouble navigating through the foot of snow on our street.

Hope you’re enjoying the storm!





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Gingerbread Afternoon

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Welcome to my humble gingebread abode(s). I obviously possess superior gingerbread engineering and candy decor skills. Don’t be jealous, though — those rank pretty low on the scale of useful skills to have what with the fact you can only use them pnce a year and all. Hope your day has been as productive as mine…

P.S. This post marks my first attempt at blogging from the WordPress app on my Droid 2. Here’s hoping it works!

Nerd Herd

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I totally meant to post some photos from Halloween, but I didn’t. I was too busy hosting a clothing swap party and working and getting ready for the 30 for 30, and I didn’t get around to fixing the red-eye in the photos in a timely manner. J and I went as members of the Nerd Herd. From Chuck. You know…that show about the spies on NBC?

Oh, right. No one watches Chuck, which is why it will probably be canceled and also why no one knew what our costumes were.

Some of my friends used to refer to J and I as the Geek Squad, so at least we could say we were in the Nerd Herd, which is kind of like the Geek Squad, but fake. Either way, I thought they were cool costumes…and inexpensive.




In other news, my mom told me a very disturbing story this afternoon, which really made me want to un-friend my brother’s ex-girlfriend from a long time ago on Facebook. Maybe I should have listened to him when he suggested that I un-friend her in the first place, but I thought he was being spiteful, and I used to enjoy reading her witty status updates. But, apparently, months ago, when they broke up she cut up his childhood teddy bear, Harry, with a pair of scissors. That’s not only psycho, but really mean and completely stupid. You don’t mess with Harry.

My usual stance on un-friending people is this: I don’t really care enough to un-friend you. But, who knows? Maybe this will launch me on an uncontrollable un-friending spree! Although, I doubt it. I’ll probably just wait for her to read this and un-friend me.

All this talk of un-friending makes me want to see the Facebook movie again, but I won’t because it’s more expensive to hit the movies on the weekends. Maybe Tuesday.

Anyway, you should know that I get highly attached to inanimate objects (such as stuffed animals, articles of clothing and CDs), so purposely trying to destroy something of sentimental value that is older than you are makes me think you should grow up and stop being an awful person or else the Nerd Herd is going to come find your ass and take a pack of kitchen matches to all of your childhood Barbie dolls.

Just sayin’.

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