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fashion statements

Countdown to Halloween

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There’s only one week left until my current second favorite holiday. I wore my black see-through spiderweb shirt to work to celebrate. (Don’t worry, I wore it under a blazer over a green cami with a conservative pleated skirt and my Diesel boots – it was only a little inappropriate, but not too bad.)

My costume finally arrived via FedEx this morning, and I used my lunch break to pick up some shoes to wear with it at Hot Topic. I was going to get red patent leather platforms, but they were too painful to walk in, so I opted for some knee-high, white patent leather boots…that lace up the back with a ribbon. What? They were on sale. I’m pretty sure my entire office probably thinks I’m moonlighting at Ocean’s Cabaret by now. Oh well.

I also picked up the new My Chemical Romance CD while I was at Hot Topic – it was on sale for $9.99. If you don’t know The Black Parade was released today, you obviously haven’t logged in to MySpace yet this afternoon. Get with the program. Go to Hot Topic. Get it. It’s awesome.

The Aerosmith concert rocked. Check out Laurie’s blog for the pics. Be sure to notice Steven Tyler in a chiffon leopard-print shirt paired with red leather pants. Sweetness.

Professional Dress

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Now that I have a real job, I have to dress nicely every day to go to work. (Note: I still do not see the point in dressing up to proofread proposals and edit project sheets all day alone in my office, but that is okay.) Working in an office is an extremely good excuse to buy nice clothes — like winter white pants at The Limited and fun pleated skirts at Express. Today I wore an outfit so cute to work, even the cashiers at Wawa complimented me on it. I was very flattered. Just because I’m not a crazy waitress, doesn’t mean I can’t be fashionable at work. I mean, even though I don’t wear my Diesel jeans to work, I’m still a rock star at heart — I know because it says so in pink letters and rhinestones across the butt of my underwear (underneath my pantyhose, of course).