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Sunglasses Organization Project

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It seems DIY projects are shady business around these parts. I’m not much of a crafter in any way shape or form, mostly because I lack the fundamental ability to see a project through to fruition. This particular endeavor took me a few minutes to design in my head, three days to shop and gather the materials for, and um, I’d say three weeks to motivate myself to sit down and staple together. See what I mean? =)

This idea was inspired by a jewelry organizer a friend of mine made a few years ago. It’s basically a piece of ply-wood covered in batting and fabric with drawer pulls screwed into it, and it cost me about $30 to make. Here’s how I did it:

1. Laid out all my sunglasses on the floor to visualize what size board I’d need.
2. Took a pair to Lowe’s to hang them on drawer pulls until I found some that worked.
3. Had a board cut, and shopped for fabric and batting to fit over it.
4. Used a ruler, a level and the drawer pulls to mark where to drill holes.
5. Took board to boyfriend for him to drill holes. =)
6. Stapled batting to the front of the board
7. Wrapped fabric tight around the batting and stapled it to the back of the board.
8. Used an awl to poke holes through the fabric where the screws would need to come through.
9. Screwed in drawer pulls.
10. Hung up sunglasses.

That’s about it. It didn’t take much more than an hour to put it all together, so I have no clue why I procrastinated for so long. I also used screw-in eyelets and picture-hanging wire on the back, but I kind of like it just propped up on my dresser for now.

What do you think? It’s more exciting than anything I could have bought to organize my sunglasses, that’s for sure. =)