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Not So Much

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So, it turns out that being quoted in the Wall Street Journal isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be. I think I’m a little too confrontational to read the comments on articles like that. And let’s face it — my quote was taken a little out of context and had nothing to do with the story itself. I could really care less whether anyone thinks America is a nation of wusses or whether I’m a wuss or whatever. I just had a fleeting thought that a sarcastic response to Ed Rendell’s comments would make a funny blog post. It’s not exactly a subject I’m passionate about or anything, you know?

Either way, earlier this morning I was enjoying some humorous banter with the overly opinionated readers that comment on those types of articles, but I got kind of tired of being insulted, so I gave up. Someone actually sent me a private message through my account on the WSJ community (which I just set up this morning in order to participate in what I thought would be intelligent conversation in the comments), and told me that he thought I was a spoiled brat, a daddy’s girl, over-indulged, not funny, really dumb, and clearly not successful in life because I didn’t mention having a husband or children. WTF? Where do these people even come from?

I guess if personally attacking me on the WSJ website makes your day that much better, then have at it. I usually prefer to brighten people’s days by writing funny blog posts and making them laugh, but whatever floats your boat.

In the meantime, don’t even get me started on how stupid this is. This is what I deal with on a daily basis, as I’m still trying to refinance my condo. This is a chat conversation with a “mortgage expert” on the Quicken Loans website. (I chose the chat conversation because I was trying to figure out the correct number to call.)

Thank you for inquiring with Quicken Loans, we’re America’s #1 online lender and do business in all 50 states! Please hold while we connect you with the best suited Mortgage Expert.
You have been connected to James Springer.
James Springer: Hello Lisa. How can I help you today?
Lisa: Hi, James. I have a current mortgage with IBM LBPS, and they recommended me to Quicken Loans. I am trying to work out a refinance with an FHA Short Refinance loan — do you have any loan officers that specialize in these short refis?
James Springer: What do you mean by ‘short’ refinance?
Lisa: Have you ever heard of this program?
James Springer: Ok. I need your full name, address, date of birth and social security number.
Lisa: I’m not giving you my social security number through a chat window.

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: disappointed
And I’m singin’ along to: Theme from A Summer Place – The Lettermen

Snap out of it!

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I feel so old and boring. I went on a business trip to Kansas City this week for the TranSystems marketing conference, and now I’m exhausted. Tom asked me to go out for a few drinks last night, but I took a bath and started reading The Blind Assassin instead. I can’t even remember the last time I went out on a Thursday. Hell, I can’t even remember the last time I went out on a weekend.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m bored or anything, and I’ve been very productive. It’s just that I find myself doing more old-people activities than partying – like cooking, decorating and going to Homearama by myself (and enjoying it). Homearama is an event in Hampton Roads put on by the Tidewater Builders Association where you tour a bunch of super-expensive, custom-built, decorated homes. It was very overwhelming.

Speaking of Homearama, I saw the most amazing zebra-print barstools while I was touring the houses in Suffolk on Sunday. They’re actually barstool-height, upholstered chairs. I asked the interior decorator of House #14 where she found them and stopped to purchase two on my way home. They’re so money. They look absolutely awesome in my place. Owning a condo involves a lot of shopping.

Shopping, shopping, shopping. I really need to cut back on the shopping. I have recently bought a few pairs of gorgeous shoes and a bunch of cute dresses and other party clothes, but since I’m being boring and I never go out…

I really need to spend less money on clothes and furniture and more on beer and rock concerts.

Because of this, I am making a pact to have an exciting weekend. I’m going to put forth some effort and find something to do tonight, and tomorrow night is the Aerosmith concert – so half my work is done. Perhaps I’ll even have some people over to tailgate on my new barstools before the show, since the Amphitheater is a bunch of dumb bitches that don’t let you drink in the parking lot.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I will be wearing my Aerosmith thong to the concert tomorrow night.

(P.S. I have to tag this entry with “hot lead singers of bands” based solely on the fact that any person who remains a rockstar for as long as Steven Tyler has deserves to be classified as “hot” no matter how old he is.)