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I went to Hot Tuna with Tom and Mark and Tara and Robbie (radio station Robbie, not roommate Robbie).

There was a guy there that looked like an Abercrombie model. He asked me if I wanted to dance. I asked him if he was dressed head to toe in Abercrombie clothing. He said no — his shirt was Abercrombie, his jeans were American Eagle, his boxer briefs were Gap, his belt was something I can’t remember, his socks were something he couldn’t remember and his shoes were New Balance. Then he pulled up his shirt and said that his abs were his. I stared at him, totally unimpressed in my Diesel jeans, Limited sweater, Victoria’s Secret thong, Gap tank top, Nine West shoes and Guess? rock star watch.

He told me that his name was Patrick and that he was a marine engineer. I told him that I do marketing for an engineering firm and impressed him with my knowledge of maritime master planning. He told me he skis and makes $20,000 a month. I asked him what his zodiac sign was. He said he was a Leo. I said I was an Aries. He said he was arrogant. I said I knew. He said I must be competitive. I said I was. He said he loves to be the center of attention. I said, “It will obviously never work out between us. Are you friends with that guy in the North Carolina hat?”

He said, “Yes.”

I said, “Introduce me.”

He said, “This is Luke. Luke, this is Lisa.”

I said, “Your friend is very arrogant.”

Luke pulled up Abercrombie’s shirt and said, “He has every right to be — look at his abs.”

I said, “Neat. Actually, I only started talking to him because I thought you were cute.”

Luke said, “Interesting.”

I smiled and walked away.

Twenty minutes later, Abercrombie tried to dance with me. I pulled out my car keys, winked at Luke as he started to walk towards me and peaced out with Tom and Mark.

Poor Abercrombie. He’s probably never been turned down before.

And poor Luke. He’s totally missing out.

I’m glad Tom and Mark are back in town. I think we’re going to have some fun.

Important Business Decisions

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It’s Wednesday. Does that mean I can drink again? I went to a bar last night and refrained from consuming any alcoholic beverages. I did indulge in a quick game of pool, which I lost, but not miserably.

Anyway, I better get back to work. Stacey the receptionist just told me that someone got fired last week for being a slacker. She hates being called the receptionist. I told her to order business cards that say:

Stacey L***
Marketing Distraction
TranSystems Corporation

She told me that I should order some that say:

Lisa DeNoia
Part-Time Slacker
TranSystems Corporation

Actually, my business cards came today, so that’s exciting — even though they say Marketing Assistant, not Part-Time Slacker. I guess if I get fired, I can just scratch everything off of them except my name and phone number, write in Full-Time Slacker and use them anyway. I always wanted business cards.

Tom is back in town, so I think I’ll head to Hot Tuna in nine hours to have some drinks. Maybe I’ll bring some of my new business cards and hand them out to cute boys so they’ll think I’m a successful marketing professional and want to buy me dinner and stuff.

Yeah, that’s a good idea.

No, probably not.

Anything for a Friend…

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Scott: “Oh, don’t tell me that. I mean, he’s still my–I mean we don’t really hang out or whatever but, if the guy ever called and needed anything, I’d help him out.”

Robbie: “Like, if he needed a kidney?”

Scott: “No, no. He’s not worth a kidney.”

Lisa: “Yeah, definitely not worth a kidney. Maybe a fingernail.”

Scott: “No. No body parts.”

Robbie: “Then what?”

Scott: “I don’t know. If he called and said he needed to borrow 20 bucks, I could do that.”

Robbie: “Woud you ever, like, bust him out of jail?”

Scott: “Bust? I don’t know that I’ll be busting anyone out of jail…”

Robbie: “Okay, bail.”

Scott: “There’s a big difference between busting anyone out of jail and bailing someone out of jail. Bail out of jail like…”

Robbie: “Like 150 bucks?”

Scott: “Eh. No. I don’t think so.”

Submerged Displacement

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Nothing ever goes the way you planned, but it’s usually much cooler that way. For instance, Allison, Jenny and I were supposed to go see The Wedding Date tonight, but it was sold out. Instead I got to talk to a friend on IM that I haven’t talked to in a long time. Tom and I were supposed to go to Scott’s to drink a little and hang out, but I locked my keys in the Malibu while it was running at the convenience store where we went to buy beer. Allison brought the extra key out to me, and instead of going to Scott’s, Tom and I headed up to the Naval base to see his submarine. It was totally awesome. I got to climb down the ladder and see torpedoes and missiles and look out the periscope. I even got to see the toilet! After that, we should have gone home to bed, but we were hungry, so we shared some vandalism stories (don’t ask — his were worse than mine) over coffee, eggs, and a burger at the Waffle House.

I used to hate when things didn’t go exactly as planned, but I don’t anymore. I really love that feeling I have when I get to do something totally unexpected and crazy — like stand on top of a submarine at 1:30 in the morning with a pretty awesome friend.

By the way, did you know that Los Angeles class submarines displace 6,900 tons of seawater when submerged? Yeah, I bet you did.

Let’s talk about…

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1. the weather: It is still 68 degrees out. Last week at this time it was snowing.

2. sports: The Sugar Bowl is tonight at 8 p.m. EST. Go Hokies!

3. work: Remember that Efficient Marine Terminal (EMT) Demostration project I entered in the American Council of Engineering Companies of Virginia (ACEC/VA) 2005 Engineering Excellence Awards? It won! I will be spending the next few days preparing the entry for the national ACEC 2005 EEA competition. I get to have another 30″ x 30″ photographic panel printed up and create a binder full of well-written materials. I know you’re jealous. Wish me luck!

4. boys: Boys? Where?