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Airplane Day

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Today I went to two airports and I boarded two planes, but I never left Norfolk.

Tonight, I went out to the Naval base to volunteer for the USO (I got on the base with my new “special guest pass”) at the AMC Air Terminal. We took a bunch of pizzas onto a huge, huge plane that was about to take off for Iraq and got to wave and say “Have a nice flight!” to all the Air Force guys on it.

We had a bunch of leftover pizzas, so we offered them to some guys in flight suits and they offered us a tour of their C-5. So, we got to watch the huge jet taxi away and then we took a van out to the flight line and boarded this enormous plane and got a tour of the whole thing.

I now know a bunch of random facts about C-5 aircraft — for instance, the C-5 has more useless, dead space (just below the tail) than the C-17 has in cargo space. Also, a fully loaded C-141 weighs less than the total weight of the C-5’s full tank of gas (a fully fueled C-5 would contain enough gas to fuel 800 automobiles for one year). The thing has like, a 222-foot wingspan. It was absolutely fascinating.

I got to board a C-5 at the air show in September, but this was totally exciting because I got to climb up the ladders into the cockpit and into the troop compartment over the back of the plane. The co-pilot showed us all of the emergency exits and explained to us how they are able to drop 200,000-pound loads out the back of the plane. Craziness. Volunteering is awesome.

ORF, ORF and Away!

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I had the best weekend ever. My roommates are awesome. Allison, Robbie and I did the following silly things:

1. Played “Never Have I Ever…” at our dining room table, drinking at 3:00 in the morning.
2. All slept together on Allison’s bed Friday night (Saturday morning).
3. All ate bagels together the next day at 1:30 in the afternoon, exclaiming over and over that we felt like we were on vacation.
4. Got all dressed up in semi-formal outfits and went out on a “date” to Shula’s 347 in Norfolk.
5. Made the best chicken ever for dinner last night.
6. Hung out on the couch last night watching Robbie do an interpretive dance to the song “Zorba the Greek.”
7. All watched “Desperate Housewives” last night in my room on my TiVo.
8. All got up at 5:00 this morning to say goodbye to Robbie, who is leaving for five weeks and who I just dropped off at the airport for his first flight ever.

An excerpt from this morning right before we left the apartment:

Robbie: “Do you need the bathroom?”

Lisa: “What?”

Robbie: “Do you–”

Lisa: “No.”

Robbie: “Okay, because I’m going to go puke as much as I can right now.”

Lisa: “WHAT?”

Robbie: “Just kidding.”

Allison: “How can you guys be so crazy at this hour?”

Lisa: “What?”

Allison: “Where’s Robbie?”

Lisa: “What? Hogging the bathroom again. Puking.”

Allison: “What?”

Lisa: “Just kidding.”

(You can tell we were all a little confused after three hours of sleep.)

A few minutes later, in the kitchen:

Allison: “Are you okay? Are you ready?”

Robbie: “No, I’m freakin’ out. Jump up and down with me, Allison, jump up and down!”

(Robbie and Allison jump up and down while Robbie says “freakin’ out, freakin’ out, freakin’ out” repeatedly.)

Allison: “Group hug!”

(Insert group hug here.)

Lisa: “Mustard is disgusting. Allison, will you put my lunch in my backpack?”

Allison: “In here?”

Lisa: “Yeah, in the big part.”

Allison: “It’s in the small part.”

Lisa: “NO! In the big part. Put it in the big part!”

Allison: “Do you use this bag every day?”

Lisa: “Yeah, I feel like I’m in fourth grade–‘Put it in the big part.’ Why, what’s the problem? Do I look like I’m going on a motorcycle trip?”

Allison: “Yeah, something like that.”

(Robbie is still jumping up and down.)

Lisa: “Okay, let’s go. Are you ready? Let’s go.”

Robbie: “Okay Ms. Allison, I’ll see you in five weeks. Five weeks. Let’s go.”

(Robbie and Lisa exit the apartment.)

Lisa: “That is an awesome bag.”

Robbie: “It’s old.”

Lisa: “It’s sweet.”

Robbie: “Yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

Lisa: “No, no. It’s sick.”

Robbie: “It’s hot.”

Lisa: “Don’t drop it.”

I took Robbie to the airport and on the way there, it became apparent that being in the car with me at 6:00 a.m. is probably much scarier than being on a plane. We got his bags all checked and printed out his boarding pass, and Robbie got on his plane without freaking out too much. His flight took off at 7:37 a.m. We’ll definitely miss him while he’s gone for five weeks.

Leaving On A Jet Plane

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Ok, it’s 4 a.m., I’m up, I’m dressed, I’m ready to go.

I finished up packing last night after watching an episode of “The O.C.” to get me pumped up for my five- to six-hour flight across the country. I caught up with Joelle for a few frantic minutes on the phone to make sure she remembered she’s gotta pick me up at 11:45 at the airport in Long Beach. I even got in a bit of quality time with Rob, who I haven’t seen in weeks, that involved him watching me pack. I think he was shocked by my ability to fit five days worth of clothing and shoes into two small Hawaiian-print Roxy bags – I was, too.

Since the trip up to JFK (the closest airport jetBlue flies out of) is never an easy one, I’ve opted to leave the house at 4:30 to make it in time for my 8:30 flight. Getting 2.5 hours of shuteye last night should make sleeping on the plane easier than usual.

Last, and most importantly, I remembered to bring my “Top Gun” soundtrack CD with me — excellent listening choice for take-off and mid-flight excitement.

Off to Orange County

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I’m going to California tomorrow!  I’m flying out of JFK and landing in Long Beach at 11:45 am.  My cousin Joelle is picking me up, and I’ll be staying at her place in Santa Ana until Tuesday.  I am SO excited.  We’re going to go shopping in Hollywood (with what’s left of my dwindling savings), and we’re even going to drive down to San Diego this weekend!  SO exciting!

Kristy’s in California right now, too, so I’ll probably meet up with her tomorrow night for dinner while Joelle is at work.  We need to take a picture together so I can put it in my cute “Aloha” picture frame she gave me for Christmas.

I just decided to take this trip two weeks ago on Christmas Eve.  I got my plane tickets from jetBlue for $99 each way.  I’m SO excited.  I’ll even get to check off one of my New Year’s resolutions – put my feet in the Pacific Ocean. This is going to be the best spur-of-the-moment trip EVER!