Leaving On A Jet Plane

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Ok, it’s 4 a.m., I’m up, I’m dressed, I’m ready to go.

I finished up packing last night after watching an episode of “The O.C.” to get me pumped up for my five- to six-hour flight across the country. I caught up with Joelle for a few frantic minutes on the phone to make sure she remembered she’s gotta pick me up at 11:45 at the airport in Long Beach. I even got in a bit of quality time with Rob, who I haven’t seen in weeks, that involved him watching me pack. I think he was shocked by my ability to fit five days worth of clothing and shoes into two small Hawaiian-print Roxy bags – I was, too.

Since the trip up to JFK (the closest airport jetBlue flies out of) is never an easy one, I’ve opted to leave the house at 4:30 to make it in time for my 8:30 flight. Getting 2.5 hours of shuteye last night should make sleeping on the plane easier than usual.

Last, and most importantly, I remembered to bring my “Top Gun” soundtrack CD with me — excellent listening choice for take-off and mid-flight excitement.

Off to Orange County

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I’m going to California tomorrow!  I’m flying out of JFK and landing in Long Beach at 11:45 am.  My cousin Joelle is picking me up, and I’ll be staying at her place in Santa Ana until Tuesday.  I am SO excited.  We’re going to go shopping in Hollywood (with what’s left of my dwindling savings), and we’re even going to drive down to San Diego this weekend!  SO exciting!

Kristy’s in California right now, too, so I’ll probably meet up with her tomorrow night for dinner while Joelle is at work.  We need to take a picture together so I can put it in my cute “Aloha” picture frame she gave me for Christmas.

I just decided to take this trip two weeks ago on Christmas Eve.  I got my plane tickets from jetBlue for $99 each way.  I’m SO excited.  I’ll even get to check off one of my New Year’s resolutions – put my feet in the Pacific Ocean. This is going to be the best spur-of-the-moment trip EVER!

One more month…

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Have I mentioned how much I desperately need to get out of this state?  New Jersey is seriously lacking in decent people.  Everyone has an attitude problem.  Crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge is like crossing into a do-not-EVER-hold-the-door-at-the-mall-or-say-nice-things-to-strangers zone.  Just the other night at the movie theater, I watched a few 13-year-old girls almost get into a fight because one was “staring” at the other.  I must say, I never witnessed this sort of atrocity while I was in Blacksburg.  Southwestern Virginians would never behave that way toward each other – ever.  As scary as it was to be in the middle of nowhere at first, I think I got addicted.  Life in the south is just so much nicer than life up here.

Don’t get me wrong, New Jersey is good for all sorts of things – driving 85 mph in rush hour traffic, being close to the city, Beat-the-Clock Night at Bar A with Lifespeed, traffic circles, getting dressed up in heels to go to the mall, the beach, etc.  But, this state is definitely not known for its hospitable residents.  I’m sure all the girls with the big hair and long, fake fingernails are nice in their own way, but… I don’t know.  That just doesn’t do it for me.

To make up for my lack of a social life in New Jersey, I have developed a new habit of adding random people with similar interests to my “friends” list.

I’ll be most-of-the-way across the country by this time next month, and I can’t wait!

Packin’ my bags…

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I woke up this morning at 10:16 with a dull headache after a recurring nightmare I’ve been having about packing.  I guess with my two upcoming trips to California and Las Vegas, I’ve been a little concerned about packing, and it’s even been bothering me in my sleep.&nbsp I never even know what I’m packing for in this dream, but it’s damn scary.  Of course, it’s never exactly the same dream.  Sometimes I’m packing for a vacation, other times to come home from a vacation, and sometimes I’m packing up tons of stuff to move across the country.

This time my packing nightmare involved taking a heap of clothing on hangers out of a closet in the guest bedroom of my friend’s house in Richmond to the airport in order to get it somewhere else – I’m assuming Las Vegas, since that will be my next big move.  I was getting extremely frustrated trying to get this huge mound of suits, shirts, and dresses in every imaginable hideous color down the stairs of her house. 

As I started to wake up from this dream, I was appalled by the absolute absurdity of it.  First of all, I have no clothes at my friend’s house in Richmond, especially none that are bright orange or lime green.  Second, I’ve been amazingly good about cleaning out my room, organizing my stuff, and packing lightly for all the recent excursions I’ve taken.  Packing doesn’t even bother me as much as it used to – moving back and forth from college eight times has made it all a bit less formidable.  I suppose it’s still a pet peeve of mine, but I’ve taken steps to make packing for my extended trip to Las Vegas as painless as possible. 

I’ve been organizing everything in my room, right down to the memory boxes full of crap in my closet that I swore I’d never throw anything out of.  I figure if it’s in a memory box, and you can’t remember where it came from, you may as well throw it out.  I’ve packed away the things I know I won’t need for a long time, and I’ve given away hundreds of articles of clothing and at least thirty pairs of shoes.  Perhaps I’m finally growing out of my attachment to inanimate objects because even stuffed animals have been flying out of my room in various storage containers and bags bound for the basement or the curb.  Yes, it’s definitely been a productive time for my room.  I don’t believe it’s looked this good since, well, ever.

I’ve been through my entire wardrobe (including socks, underwear, and bathing suits), jewelry, desk, nighttable drawers, memory boxes, shot glasses, stupid little porcelain statues that sit and collect dust, stuffed animals, pillows, candles, pens, pencils, lotions, shampoos, etc.  Sure, there are still things left to be done.  After I get back from California next week, there are purses to be sorted through, CDs to be put back in their cases and reorganized, books to be shelved, sold used or returned to the bookstore, and I have a box of miscellaneous stuff that needs to find a home.  I have found that the more you sort through things, the more you can bring yourself to throw away – and the more stuff you throw away, the more you realize you don’t need to go shopping.

I’m sure packing for Las Vegas will be an enlightening experience for me, especially because I don’t know how long I’ll be there.  I’ll be packing for the drive out and 4-6 weeks of living at my Aunt Kim and Uncle Franky’s house.  I’ll need to find a job, so I’ll need to bring some nice clothes.  It’ll be in the 70s there by March, so I’ll need to bring some springy clothes.  If I find an apartment and decide to stay until I hear back from the Navy, I’ll need to have all of my things here organized so that they can be shipped to me accordingly – but not too many things, because I’m thinking I’ll be back in Jersey before the end July, when the temperature will be a little to hot for me in Vegas and the waves will be decent for a bit of surfing in Belmar.

You know, for once, I might have this packing extravaganza under control.  I’m actually looking forward to it.  No need for any more packing nightmares, but I’m gonna go put together a suitcase for my trip to southern California now – just in case.

Starting all over again…

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So here’s the thing about starting a new year.  People seem to think that just because we’ve turned over the last page on the calendar and hung a new one on the wall, we can start from scratch.  We’re going to be healthier, skinnier, prettier, and way more organized.  We’ll spend more time reading and being productive and less time watching TV and sleeping.  We’ll break all of our bad habits, fix all of our mistakes, and refrain from making any new ones.  We’ll have more fun, make more friends, and go to more parties.  We’ll get better jobs, make more money, and save more of it than we’ll spend.  The list goes on and on.

Reality check.  Let’s be honest here.  There’s no way.  First of all, most of us probably spent the better part of the first day of the year hung over, bloated, and overweight from all that holiday food we’ve been eating since November.  This next week will go by and we’ll try as hard as we can to exercise some self-control and keep all of our New Year’s Resolutions, so help us God.  By January 6th, we’ll be totally fed up and decide we only really had one resolution — to lose weight.  We’ll swarm into Weight Watchers and Barnes & Noble (for the Atkins’ book, of course) and starve ourselves until we can’t take it anymore and eat a bag of Doritos, 12 Oreos and a huge slice of cheesecake.  By mid-February, we’ll be depressed because we’re still fat, we’re sick of winter, and dammit, we have no Valentine (which will lead us into a never-ending, downward spiral of binging on cookies, ice cream and other such comfort foods sitting around watching cheesy romantic comedies, all the while hating ourselves for not going to the gym).  Spring will come and go in the blink of an eye, and by May we’ll all be crash-dieting again to soften the blow of bathing suit shopping, wondering if becoming a bulimic really is such a bad idea.

On June 1st, we’ll think, “Wow, the year is half over!  It went by so fast and I still haven’t organized my Tupperware cabinet…” 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas — we’ll be right back where we started on December 28th — popping Advil and leftover Christmas cookies like they’re going out of style, wondering if our size 4 pants will still fit in the morning, and deciding we’d better make a damn good list of resolutions for 2005.

Perhaps we should give up the resolutions–just this once.  Because let’s face it.  We are too tired, we don’t really care that it’s fattening, and spending money is more fun than saving it.

If we can’t give the resolutions up, let’s at least make some cooler, more exciting ones this year.  For example:

In the year 2004, I will:  put my feet in the Pacific Ocean, work in a Las Vegas hotel, visit Hawaii, run 5 miles without stopping, join the Navy, go surfing, see Reel Big Fish in concert, make all my payments on time, do 25 pushups in 2 minutes, make at least ten new friends, get a new digital camera, write a book, save up some money, get a new computer, do better at keeping in touch with old friends, find a productive hobby that I enjoy, and, well… bemoreorganizedandcontinuelosingweight.

I guess there are some things you just can’t change…  Happy New Year!