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My name is Lisa DeNoia, and I live at the beach. I moved here from New Jersey in 2004. I left my last “real job” in 2016, and now I run three companies with a supercool business partner — 1701, Fathom Coffee and Port & Starboard. We’ll probably start another business soon.

I have three Salesforce certifications, and I serve on the board of the ViBe Creative District. I love starting companies, taking pictures, writing funny stories, drawing pelicans, running (when I’m not injured), and riding my bicycle.

Coastlined is my often-neglected blog. It’s been around in some way, shape or form since 2003. It originated on LiveJournal almost 15 years ago as Ramblings of a Pineapple Enthusiast and later became Baby, You Can(‘t) Drive My Car, inspired by the two cross-country road trips surrounding my three-month tenure in Las Vegas. It migrated over to WordPress in 2009, and then merged with my style blog, The Coastal Chicster in 2012.

This blog doesn’t have a theme. I don’t have a personal brand. I just write here occasionally about whatever I want whenever I want. Sometimes I post a picture or a video or a quote. Sometimes I don’t. Some posts are sarcastic, some aren’t. Some of my older posts are exaggerated for entertainment value and contain lots of bad words. What can I say? It was 2004. No one was reading them then.

Got a thought or suggestion or question for me? Feel free to leave a comment on this page or any post, and I’ll do my best to respond. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!