Finish This… #3: A typical day, an iPhone addiction, an unattractive trait, a (lack of a) purchase, and an expectation.

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1. A typical day in my life…
Has absolutely no rhyme or reason to it. I wake up at a different time almost every day. If it’s a weekday, I get up earlier, so I can go to work…unless I’m on vacation. If it’s a weekend, I sleep in…unless I’m feeling motivated to get up early. If it’s nice out, sometimes I go for a walk or a run or a bike ride to the beach. Sometimes I pick out an outfit for work in my head before I get out of bed; sometimes I’m scrambling to iron my pants; and sometimes I’ve hung an outfit in my closet the night before. Some days I wear makeup. Some days I don’t. If it’s a weekend, I might get dressed up to grab brunch…or I might just stay in my pajamas and cook myself breakfast. Or I might not eat at all. If I’m at work, sometimes I’ll go to lots of meetings…unless I have no meetings, in which case, I will sit at my desk with my noise-canceling headphones on and get some work done. Some days I listen to classical music. Some days I listen to country. Some days I listen to ska music. Some days I listen to music in other languages. If it’s a weekend in the winter, I might clean the house or go shopping or watch movies all day or I might spend the whole day outside walking, running and hanging out with the dog even though it’s cold. If it’s a weekend in the summer, I might spend the day at the beach or the pool or reading on my patio. If it’s a weekday in the summer, I might to swimming in the ocean after work or ride my bike to listen to some music at the beach. If I’m on vacation, none of these rules apply. Sometimes I go out to lunch with co-workers, but sometimes I go get a facial at lunchtime or just go walking around the mall or Mount Trashmore by myself. Sometimes I cook dinner, but mostly I don’t. Sometimes John cooks dinner for me, but mostly we go out to dinner. A typical day in my life usually consists of something unexpected because I don’t do very well at planning. Most of my days are pretty busy. If they’re not, I find a way to make them busy. I don’t like to waste days, so even if it seems like I’m doing nothing, I’m usually doing something…even if it’s only in my head. I always feed my cats even though I think they don’t appreciate me very much. And I almost always take a picture of something…every day.

2. You’ll never see me…
Without my iPhone. It’s sad, but true.

3. It’s really unattractive when a guy/girl…
Says no to something without thinking it through. I hate when people refuse to help someone or try something new without even considering it.

4. If I could buy one thing right now, it would be…
Nothing. I don’t feel like buying anything at the moment. Maybe I would just buy something expensive I could sell on eBay and put the money in my IRA.

5. I have high expectations for…
The outcome of the project I’m managing at work. I’m really excited about it, and I hope it has a positive impact on a lot of my company’s business processes to make us all more successful.

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2. The secret to life is
3. I get my money’s worth by
4. On a scale of 1 to 10, my level of organization is
5. A gentleman always
6. Handwritten notes are

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