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A Little Bit of Summer

By December 7, 2013December 8th, 2013hazards to my well-being, music, weather, winter

It seems like was only yesterday I was out riding my bike along the boardwalk, watching the sun come up and relishing in the 70-degree breeze. My how things change overnight. Now I’m sick in bed; it’s freezing cold, raining, windy; and I’m pretty sure everyone I know north or west of here is iced and/or snowed in. What I wouldn’t do for a sweltering beach day and a piña colada right now. (Although, I will admit…if I felt like this in the summer, all I’d want is a cool, dark, air conditioned room.)

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  • Nicole says:

    Oh my, feel better fast, friend. Husband is congested this weekend too, I’m staying away as I do NOT want to get sick before Baby Kamden arrives. Just a few more days …… =)

    • Lisa D. says:

      Thanks. I am better, thanks to my trusty method of getting better quickly, which I just posted. 🙂 I can’t wait to see and hear about Baby K!! (Although, I do hope you make it past the ice storm…)

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