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Giveaway: ASOS Blue Mirrored Aviators


Care to celebrate summer in a brand new pair of obnoxiously awesome sunnies? I’ve been coveting some reflective aviators all spring, and I finally ordered these crazy shades from ASOS last week after I saw Rose rockin’ them on her blog. (She looks amazing, right?) I thought if I got these sunglasses, I’d look as glamorous as she does. And I was on the right track except for one minor problem: aviators look ridiculous on me. I do not now (nor will I ever) have a head compatible with tear drop shaped lenses. I figured that would be the case, but it was worth a shot.

Anyway, instead of sending these babies back to ASOS, I’m going to give them to one of you readers because they deserve to be worn, and I know for a fact they’ll look so much cooler on you than they do on me.

Here are the rules:

1. Listen to this ridiculous song. =)

2. Follow my blog on Bloglovin’. (Google Reader is dead. Time to move on.)

3. Enter via Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

4. If you win, and these don’t look good on you either, you’re required to give them to someone they do look awesome on.

P.S. This post was not sponsored by ASOS or anyone else. I bought these glasses with my own money, and I’ve decided to give them away as a token of my appreciation that you take time out of your busy day to spend a few minutes looking at my blog.

P.P.S. A little obsessed with sunglasses? In dire need of a place to keep them all straight? Check out my sunglasses organization DIY project!

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