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On Repeat: Class A Kings

By May 3, 2013June 17th, 2013music, nashville

I couldn’t really post our Nashville without sharing this song to go with them. In my rushed blurb about our trip, I forgot to mention the music. Of all the live bands we heard, I think one of our favorites was Marcus & Billy, and of all the songs we heard, “Wagon Wheel” became the sort of unspoken official track for our trip. The song’s got a little bit of history — originally sketched by Bob Dylan, first recorded by Old Crow Medicine Show, and recently made famous by Darius Rucker — but of all the covers I could find online, this one caught my ear. These two are super talented, and this version reminds me most of the music we heard during our time in Nashville. I hope you enjoy the song, and enjoy the weekend! (Song starts @ 0:36.) =)

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  • Nicole says:

    I love this song!!!!!!!! Of course, I first heard it a few weeks ago with Darius Rucker but these guys are just as good …. if not better. Awesome talent! Thanks for sharing. =)

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