2013 Resolutions

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This is my tradition. My new year’s resolutions have been around just about as long as this blog. They serve as my road map for the year ahead. When I’m sitting around bored, I pull them up, and I say to myself, “Can I knock something off this list today?” Some are easily achievable, and some are already in the works. Some are total pipe dreams that will probably be on my list of goals for years to come (like the last one), but I’m almost always surprised by which ones I’ve accomplished by the end of the year, so I add them anyway.

Some people make one resolution, and either accomplish it or fail by the end of the year. I’m a little crazy, so I make more than 50 in the hopes I can accomplish as many as possible. Personally, I like my way better. =)

I woke up this morning with a raging headache from all the champagne I drank last night, so I can’t exactly say I’ve gotten my year off to the best start. 😉 But, after spending a few hours on my 2013 list, I’m looking forward to another whirlwind of a year.

Here it is.

Renew my passport
Leave the country (temporarily, of course)
Spend a girls’ weekend in Nashville, TN
Visit Stephen in Pensacola (again), and take a little trip within a trip to New Orleans
Go shopping in Chicago
Visit Nicole in Texas
Visit Grace in New Hampshire
Visit Joelle in California
Gamble in the new Margaritaville Casino in Atlantic City
Play poker in Las Vegas
Spend a day in NYC
Take pictures of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse
Soak up some sunshine on a tropical beach
Spend time in one other northeast or southeast city (Charleston, Newport, Savannah, Miami, etc.)

Finish merging my two blogs together into one
Decide on a name once and for all (suggestions welcome)
Work with some my favorite local shops and businesses to feature them on my blog
Find ways to connect with other bloggers
Engage with readers more to grow traffic
Develop a media kit
Attend a blogging conference
Upgrade to WordPress Pro

For My Well-Being
Get contacts (or at least prescription sunglasses)
Have a better relationship with my cats
Eat less pizza
Work with a lifestyle coach
Consult with a nutritionist
Join Weight Watchers again, take it seriously, and get back down to my goal weight
Find new ways to exercise
Find a charitable organization to dedicate some volunteer hours to each week and/or month

Business Endeavors & Money
Sell fine art photography prints through the Lisa DeNoia Photography website
Design a line of stationery using my photos and/or graphic design skills
Write a few posts for my company’s blog at work
Get a raise
Open a Roth IRA
Up my monthly money market transfer to $275 in January and $300 in July

The Usual
Go ice skating (extra points for Rockefeller Center)
Go horseback riding
Go surfing
Go snowboarding
Run in a race
Read at least 10 good books
See a few concerts
See a few plays
Do yoga
Draw a picture
Write a poem

New Things to Do
Submit something I write to a publication or magazine
Host a champagne brunch for friends
Attend Fashion Week in NYC
Go sailing
Cook more
Take a photography class
Visit a museum
Learn to sew
Enter one of my photographs into a competition
Take a dance class

Wish List
Own a pair of diamond earrings
Invest in new luggage
Acquire this camera lens
Get a bike rack for my car
Buy a timeshare or property in the Caribbean

And, as always, make a new resolution each month:
January: Recoup the savings account (did a little damage with Christmas and the NYE party…)

Wish me luck. That’s a long list.

Did you make any resolutions this year? If you did, I would love to hear about them in the comments. =)

Happy New Year!! =)


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