Resolution Update

By December 1, 2012 resolutions

November in 15 words: San Francisco, Napa Valley, sparkling wine, vertigo, seven huge RFPs at work, ear infection, Thanksgiving. I can’t believe this year is almost over.

People to see:
Visit Nicole in Texas
Visit Joelle in California
Visit Stephen in Pensacola – Visited Stephen in Pensacola, August 16-19.
Visit Grace in New Hampshire
Visit Andrea in Roanoke
Visit as many people as possible in New Jersey – Visited my parents in New Jersey, July 21-25. Caught up with lots of people at Kristy’s annual party, including Kristy, Frank, Sadie, Gabby, Meghan M., Russell and his girlfriend, Kristy’s dad and a bunch of other friends I used to work with and that I met through Kristy and Frank’s wedding a few years ago. Had dinner with my parents and some of their friends (the Bartsches, the Hines, and Kathy Dweck) at 9th Ave Pier in Belmar. Had lunch with Ed and Jane at Connolly Station. I even met some new people at the Jersey Shore this year! I met Allyson — who I previously only knew through Twitter (@locallylove) — for drinks one night at Watermark in Asbury Park. I met local artist Brenda Baron (of Baran Art and Design) at 9th Ave Pier after I complimented her on the amazing sunglasses she was wearing. And of course, I met Taryn — my best friend’s adorable little girl who was born this spring. Visited my parents and my grandparents in NJ, August 2-5.Thanksgiving weekend in New Jersey, November 21-25: my parents, my grandparents, Aunt Kim, Uncle Franky, Kristin, Courtney, Samantha, Franky, Aunt Angel, Uncle Cricket, Cricky, Uncle Johnny, my mom’s friend Elizabeth, Brian, Grace, and a whole bunch of other people on my dad’s side of the family, too (but that was at the end of the night, and I can’t remember everyone else who was there.) 🙂

Places to go:
Soak up some rays at the Margaritaville Beach Hotel in Pensacola – Spent a weekend relaxing on the beach at the Margaritaville Beach Hotel, August 17-19.
Gamble at the Margaritaville Casino in Las Vegas – Played craps and blackjack in the Margaritaville Casino, October 20.
Dance the night away at a bachelorette party in Atlantic City – Bachelorette weekend in AC, March 9-11. Danced the night away at mur.mur and The Pool…right after I won $600 in a slot machine.
Take a long walk through Central Park – Took a walk across Central Park with my mom (and stopped to enjoy a delicious hot dog), July 23.
Go shopping in Chicago
Ride bikes at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge – Rode bikes at Back Bay and False Cape State Park, April 7.
Take pictures of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Taste wine in Napa Valley – Tasted wine in Napa Valley, November 5-6.
Ride roller coasters at Busch Gardens
Spend a weekend in at least one other Northeast and/or Southeast city (Charleston, SC; Savannah, GA; Newport, RI…)

Things to do:
Attend a few good concerts – Attended A Tribute to Clarence Clemons at the Attucks Theater in Norfolk, January 6. Attended “Celtic Woman” at Chrysler Hall, February 29. Attended “On the High Seas: A Musical Voyage” performed by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra at Chrysler Hall, June 6. Saw Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger at the Norva, July 1. Jimmy Buffett at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, August 4. O.A.R. and The Wailers on the beach and The Family Stone @ 31st Street, August 31. Jimmy Buffett at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, October 20.
See a few good plays
Teach Diesel more tricks – J taught Diesel to find all of his toys by name in February. We taught Diesel “stay” in March. Taught Diesel to “throw” some of his toys in May. Taught Diesel how to run next to my beach cruiser in June. Diesel learned how to “high five” in July. Diesel almost has “play dead” down in November.
Set up a photography website/portfolio – Photo website up and running, April 22.
Volunteer for something – Volunteered to take photos for the United Way of South Hampton Roads Women’s Leadership Council’s “Stone Soup” event, February 11.
Join a gym
Keep up my monthly facials
Host a dinner party – Hosted this impromptu dinner party, June 3.
Get contacts
Read at least 10 good books – Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, Memoirs of a Bad Girl by Michelle Ferreira, I’m Gonna Live My Life Like a Jimmy Buffett Song by Anthony Bjorklund
Fit back into my Diesel jeans (again) – I bought a new pair of Diesel jeans that actually fit me, November 22. Does this count?
Frame some of my photos to hang up at my house
Learn something new every month and write about it

Old hobbies to keep up with:
Go horseback riding
Go ice skating
Go surfing – Went stand-up paddleboarding in Pensacola, August 18, and I’m counting it because it was similar enough for me. =)
Go snowboarding
Run in a race
Draw a picture
Write poem
Do yoga

Wish list:
Get a white 16GB iPhone – White 16GB iPhone acquired, January 10.
Replace my favorite Ugg boots
Replace my favorite Tory Burch Reva flats
Acquire a bounce flash for my camera
Pick out a longer lens for my camera
Get a pretty camera bag – Got a pretty Ona bag for my birthday, April 10.
And a functional camera bag
Get a monogram necklace – My back-ordered, lost-in-the-mail Christmas gift from J finally arrived February 1, and it was the monogram necklace I’d been wanting!
Own a pair of diamond earrings

Financial goals:
Plan out a budget for the year
Stick to the budget using weekly and monthly cash allowances
Up my monthly TD Ameritrade transfer to $225 in January and $250 in July – Upped my monthly transfer to $225, January 1.Upped my monthly transfer to $250, July 1.
Open a Roth IRA
Get a raise
Start a business – Started Lisa DeNoia Photography LLC, January 24.

Monthly resolutions:
January – One month, no new clothes. ACCOMPLISHED.
February – Go running before work at least five times. FAILED — I only went before work twice.
March – New tires, new laptop, new camera lens, bachelorette parties and bridal showers…I just want to make it though the month with some money left in my savings account. ACCOMPLISHED — I made it through the month with more than I started with.
April – Get beach cruiser #1 tuned up for summer. ACCOMPLISHED — Beach cruiser #1 tuned up for summer, April 7.
May – Book October’s trip to Vegas. FAILED — I had to pay for my cat to have surgery instead. I’ll book it soon.
June – Shoot my first engagement session. FAILED — We haven’t scheduled the shoot yet — it will probably be in July or August.(Shot my first engagement session on July 26.)
July – Shoot my first family session. ACCOMPLISHED — Shot my first family session on July 9 in the Outer Banks.
August – Put together some samples for my photography business (I’m thinking an album, a Christmas card or two, and some save-the-date ideass) – FAILED, but I did finally book October’s trip to Vegas, which knocks out May’s resolution.
September – Well, now that someone backed into my car and dented it, I guess my September resolution is to get it repaired. FAILED. Didn’t have time.
October – Figure out how to start enjoying my time at work again. FAILED.
November –Influence at least one person that wasn’t planning to vote to vote. I don’t care who you vote for, just vote. ACCOMPLISHED? I don’t know. No one told me.
December – Renew passport

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