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Summertime Blues

By July 5, 2012outfits, style


{Lilly Pulitzer shirt, bracelet and sandals / Gap pants / Tommy Bahama hat / Ray-Ban shades}

Whenever I have a rough day, I try to remember that for the most part, my life is pretty great. Bright summer days that fade into sweet summer nights (like this one on the dock) abound, and good times far outweigh the bad.

If that doesn’t work, I call to mind a few important things:

1. I live at the beach.
2. I have a pretty good job.
3. I have a nice boyfriend, a bunch of cool friends, and a fun family.
4. I have a cute puppy and two entertaining cats, one of which is an skilled predator that kills bugs.
5. I have a lot of shoes.

If that doesn’t work, I put on an outfit comprised of brightly colored Lilly Pulitzer items. How can I be sad in a tropical shirt like this one?

If that doesn’t work, I scroll through my Instagram feed to remember how much cool stuff I’ve done over the last few weeks.

If that doesn’t work, I go eat Thai fried rice with chicken. That always works.

I hope you had a fabulous 4th of July and a better 5th of July than I did. =)




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