July Squared

By July 31, 2012 instamonth

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  • Nicole says:

    You always think of the most creative ways to display photos and document your life happenings. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for being awesome! Thanks for being YOU!


    • Lisa says:

      Thanks. =) These are just a selection of my Instagram photos from the month. I’m ridiculously addicted…which in my head, I just cheesily shortened to “Riddicted.” Do you think I could start a new slang word trend?

      • Nicole says:

        Absolutely!!!!! If I were “cool” enough to have a phone with fancy-schmancy capabilities (i.e. Instagram, texting, SongPop, etc. etc.), I would be hip and cool and totally connected to the digital world. Instead, I’m a cheapa$$ and will continue living the rockstar life with my Flip Phone, circa 2004. Be jealous!!!!!! LOL

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