Go Bananas, Part II

By June 15, 2012March 30th, 2015food, tropical fruits


My dad left a comment on my last post, urging me to check out Stephen Colbert’s entertaining endorsement of the Banana Bunker.

Um, this is obviously the greatest invention of all time. I have often dreamed of the day I could carry a banana around in my purse without risking its brutal injury. I can’t even fathom how I’ve lived without this device until now, seeing as that bananas are one of my favorite fruits, yet are just so difficult to transport without damage (especially for someone as clumsy as myself).

I’ve learned so much these last few days. I feel as though from this point forward, my banana-eating habits will be vastly improved, and as a result, I will indulge in nothing other than pristine, stage 5 bananas (unless, of course, I am making banana bread — then I’ll shoot for stage 7, squishy ones).

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