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Seven Shades of Summer

By May 20, 2012shopping

This post is for my mom, who just got her first pair of contacts in years and is on the lookout for a perfect pair of sunglasses to wear in Hawaii this summer. Shopping for sunglasses for her should keep me preoccupied enough to keep from buying anymore sunglasses for myself, right? =) I mostly opted for indestructible frames at a middle-of-the-road price point because I know that a) my mom is almost as clumsy as me, and b) she’s lost more than one pair of glasses off the side of a boat in her lifetime. I also went for pretty big lenses because c) nothing’s worse than blinding light in your peripheral vision while you’re trying to relax on the beach, and d) nothing’s more glamorous than over-sized (preferably gradient) lenses on tropical vacations (except for maybe wide-brimmed hats, but those aren’t quite as practical…or packable).

That being said, here are my top seven shades of summer. =)

Ray-Ban RB4154
{Ray-Ban RB4154, $145}

Von Zipper Trudie
{Von Zipper Trudie, $70}

Oakley Discreet
{Oakley Discreet, $170}

Costa Caye
{Costa Caye, $199}

Tory Burch Oversized Square
{Tory Burch Oversized Square, $149}

Oakley Overtime
{Oakley Overtime, $120}

Maui Jim Pau Hana
{Maui Jim Pau Hana, $300}

I can vouch for at least two of these exact pairs and all of these brands, but of course, I would never recommend splurging on any of these before trying them on. =) They shouldn’t be hard to find, though — I’d start with Nordstrom, Macy’s or Sunglass Hut for most of them, but you’ll have to hit up a surf shop for Von Zippers and probably a boating store or Dillard’s for Costas. You might also try Amazon (free shipping on purchases >$25 and free return shipping on sunglasses!) and/or Zappos (free shipping/return shipping all the time).

Anyone have any other favorites they’d recommend to my mom?

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