Resolution Update

By November 2, 2011 January 31st, 2013 resolutions

Ten months down, two to go.

Travel more – Traveled to St. Maarten, February 17-21. Traveled to NJ, April 21-24. Traveled to NJ, July 15-20. Traveled to NJ, August 4-7. Traveled to Raleigh, August 25-28 (evacu-cation!).
Shop less
Learn to edit videos with Adobe Premiere
Post a video on my blog
Try out a bunch of different gyms in the area using free trials and promos – Tried a yoga studio near my house, June 16.
Get a digital SLR camera (and maybe a tripod) – Purchased a Nikon D3100, January 18. J got me a tripod as a gift, February 14.
Style a 30 for 30 for someone else – Styled about 15 outfits out of 15-20 items for Jodi, January 27.
Volunteer for something
Go ice skating
Go horseback riding
Do something that inspires others (so much so that they tell me about it, so that I have some proof of accomplishing such a thing) – Inspired Grace and Stephen to post their own resolutions, January 2.
Do yoga – Went to hot yoga several times, January. Went to hot yoga a few times, March. Went to yoga, June 16.
Frame my college degree
Get a massage – Had a 10-minute massage at work, September 30.
Get a facial – Had a facial at Spa on the Boulevard, March 30. Been getting facials at Spa on the Boulevard every five or six weeks since March.
Up my monthly MMA transfer to $175 in January, then increase it to $200 in June – Upped my transfer to $175, January 2. Upped my transfer to $200, June 1. (Bonus points, upped my 401(k) contribution to 10 percent of my salary!)
Refinance my condoI’m not refinancing it, but I’m moving out of it, October 1.
Attend Fashion Week in NYC
Get contacts
Get a note from my doctor, so I can still use my HSA to purchase OTC drugs
See a few good concerts – Jimmy Buffet @ the Amphitheater, March 26. The Beach Boys @ 5th Street Stage, June 4. Saw Carbon Leaf @ Neptune’s Park, June 30. Saw Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto @ the Norva, August 3.
See a few good plays
Recruit some people for my Backseat Drivers ClubMichelle
Read at least 10 books – Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler, Caught by Harlan Coben, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith, Lovehampton by Sherri Rifkin, The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith, A Total Waste of Makeup by Kim Gruenenfelder, Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry
Make at least five new friends – Vince, Brooke, Sarah
Take some kind of dancing lessons
Visit some more wineries
Stop dropping important electronic devices (like my laptop and phone), and try to be less clumsy in general
Do some freelance writing or proposal consulting (as long as it isn’t a conflict of interest w/work)
Monetize one of my blogs (preferably the other one) – Placed by first ad on The Coastal Chicster, June 27.
Have my dented beach cruiser fender repaired
Keep my new fig tree alive – New fig tree is thriving in January! Re-potted the fig tree outside in May.
Perfect my own mocha (so I don’t have to pay $3.75 to get them at coffee shops) – Made a perfect mocha with my French press and milk frother, January 6.
Make something I can either wear or hang on my wall – Glittered a pair of shoes, January 13. Took a photo definitely worth framing, March 27.
Start a business (by my birthday)
Have some crazy ridiculously awesome 30th birthday bash – I had TWO birthday parties! A dinner and a surprise brunch, April 9-10.
Drink more water
Branch out and write about subjects other than just my outfits on The Coastal ChicsterStarted a travel series, January 4. Wrote about organizing my tights, January 13. Hosted a “Beach Week” on my blog, February 16-22. Posted about “Obsessions” and hosted a sponsored giveaway in June. Posted a glitter french manicure tutorial that’s become one of my all-time most read posts.
Enjoy more beach days – Went to the beach a few times after work and on the weekends in June.
Go snowboarding
Go surfing
Get my back to stop hurting – Back seems to be feeling better, January 31.
Feel as healthy as I did in 2006 – Re-joined Weight Watchers, March 28.
Run in a race
Publish something I’ve written somewhere other than my own blogs – A sentence I wrote was quoted in the Wall Street Journal (January 4) and The Economist(January 7)! Wrote a guest post for Law Mama, May 16. Wrote a guest post for Required 2 Be Inspired, July 17.
Host another clothing swap
Live by myself
Make a new resolution every month:
January: Give up soda for an entire month – ACCOMPLISHED – No soda for the entire month!
February: Find a new roommateACCOMPLISHED – Vince moved in February 5.
March: Donate a cool basket for the Hands to Angels benefit dinner – Donated a Jimmy Buffett-themed picnic basket full of awesome stuff to the benefit dinner, March 12.
April: Go running at least 10 times this month – FAILED – I f-ed up my knee after the second time.
May: Lose 10 pounds – ALMOST – I’ve lost eight pounds.
June: I’m attempting a self-imposed shopping ban until the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in mid-July (starting tomorrow) – FAILED
July: Book my trip to Vegas for October – FAILED
August: (didn’t post) – FAILED
September: My goal for September is simply to make it through the month (working, packing, weekend in NJ, proposals due every week…) without losing my mind or having a nervous breakdown – ACCOMPLISHED (kind of)
October: (didn’t post) – FAILED
November: Organize the built-in bookcases at the new place

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  • graceyb says:

    Wow, again I am inspired. I like the idea of monthly resolutions. They give a deadline so they might actually get accomplished rather than put off until later in the year!
    I’m going to go back and review my resolutions!!

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