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By August 20, 2011January 31st, 2013diesel the puggle, life-changing purchases, milestones


This is Diesel. He’s our new puppy. We got him last Saturday. He lives at J’s house, and he’s really cute. =)

Diesel is a puggle (a pug/beagle mix), which is something J’s been wanting for almost a year now. We started seriously looking for one a few weeks ago, and we discovered My Special Friend Kennel — a breeder in western Virginia. After talking with them on the phone, we decided to take a four-hour drive out there to meet the puppies. We drove through smoke, made about six wrong turns, and are probably the only idiots who thought they could find an address on a gravel road in Charlotte Courthouse, Virginia using Google Maps, but we eventually made it there to meet the puggles. There were four available, and this is the one we picked (if you couldn’t figure that out by now).

Obviously, Diesel is the most intelligent puppy in the universe — he’s practically potty-trained already. He’s about four months old, really playful, and extremely photogenic. =) Having a puppy is really life-changing. For example, I never thought I’d walk around the neighborhood in my ex-boyfriend’s boxers and a t-shirt at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning repeating “Wanna go pee pee?” and “Can you do a poopy?” in a high-pitched, encouraging voice with a bright purple plastic bag in my hand…

It’s been a fun, interesting and completely exhausting first week, but I lost four pounds, and I seriously think I may have a future in pet photography.










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