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By August 1, 2011June 9th, 2013fashion statements, outfits, style, summer


Old Navy shirt (super old), Bp. skirt, Style & Co. belt, Tory Burch shades, H&M hair bow, vintage jewelry, Target sandals

As much as I’d like to tell you that I took an unanticipated break from blogging because I’ve been too busy hanging out on docks in Hawaiian shirts…that’s not quite the case. A few things arose that I had to attend to, plus this is right about the time that work gets a little hectic, what with the end of the government fiscal year approaching and all. But, I did squeeze in some fun since I last posted — I swear. I took a five-day trip to New Jersey and a few beach days. I’ve even got the day off today (but only because I worked on a proposal until 2 am last Tuesday). It was a decent trade-off though — the weather’s gorgeous today, but it was about 102 last week. =)

I’ve got another long weekend trip planned for Thursday through Sunday, but my goal for this month is to settle back into my regular posting routine. I’ve got tons of photos and stories saved up for both my blogs, so I hope you’ll stop by again soon!





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