To Do (Or Not To Do)

Things I was planning to do this evening:
Clean bathroom
Iron a bunch of shirts
Organize my sunglasses
Write a blog post for The Coastal Chicster
List my old phone on eBay
Balance my checking account in Quicken
Wash/blow dry my hair
Read a book

Things I actually did this evening:
Ate McDonald’s
Browsed Twitter
Thought about buying myself a Kindle
Put my curling iron away
Peeled off my Shellac manicure and destroyed my nails (so, so dumb)
Sat on the floor and went through my collection of spare buttons (removed each one from the bag/envelope it came in to save room in the overflowing button jar)
Laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling
Ate a string cheese

Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: lazy
And I’m singin’ along to: California – Wilson Phillips

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