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People think I’m really smart, but it’s only because I’m smart enough to Google everything I don’t know. I Google things and skim over the information so quickly that most people don’t even realize what I’m doing. I play it off like I’m just looking it up to give them an example or show them some graphic related to whatever they asked me, but really, I’m just Googling the answer and pretending I knew all along.

The best example of this is at work, when people ask me questions about FAR and DFARS clauses in their contracts. Most of my coworkers think I’m some all-knowing FAR interpreter, but the truth is that I rarely know the answers to what they’re asking.

“Tell me the clause number,” I’ll say, and I’ll be typing it into a Google search before they’re even done reciting it. Then I read it out loud, process the information, and repeat it in simpler terms.

“Does that make sense?” I’ll ask. “If not, I can try to explain it again…” (That usually means I need to read it again because I don’ really get it either.)

As much as I enjoy acting like I know everything about everything, I’m not that much smarter than everyone else. I’m just a speedy typer, fast reader and fairly resourceful person with a really good memory. Some people are book smart; some people are street smart. I’m just Google smart (and dumb enough to admit it).

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: curious
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