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By February 13, 2011tv


I had this idea to write an awesome blog post about all the funny things I said this weekend, but now that it’s time to write it, I can’t remember a damn thing I was going to write down. Except I do remember saying, “If I lean really far over on the couch, it looks like the fig tree has grown enough to block the TV!”

My grandfather gave me this fig tree in a bucket for Christmas. It kind of looked like a long stick with a few leaves when I got it. It’s been growing like a weed. But, since I never really watch TV with the top half of my body hovering in midair over the arm rest, this isn’t really an issue yet. Maybe in a week or two.



This crazy trip has got me feelin’: tired
And I’m singin’ along to: OMG – Usher (I watched the Grammys for like a second…)

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