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Prime-Cut Love

By December 13, 2010food, weather

I’m going to admit something. I fell victim to a fast food commercial. I was sucked in by that new Arby’s commercial for their new Prime-Cut Chicken Tenders — I’ve been drooling over it for weeks now. Even when I’m fast-forwarding through it on the DVR, the sight of it makes me want some crunchy, greasy, fast-food, Arby’s chicken tenders. So, today, in honor of it being a snow day and all (the kind of snow day where work isn’t cancelled, but it’s snowing all day), I ventured out in the white, powdery precipitation to hit up Arby’s for these now-infamous chicken tenders. Yum.

First of all, when did an extra large become a medium in the world of fast food? I usually order kid’s meals, so my sodas and French fries are super-tiny. When given the choice between small, medium or large for my drink and fries, I chose medium, thinking it would be a size up from kid’s meal. Um, the drink was bigger than my head. And I hardly made a dent in the fries. When did a carton of fries the size of my forearm become a freaking medium?

Anyway, on to the chicken tenders. They were accompanied by buffalo sauce, and I also requested some ranch. I’ve got to say, they were absolutely delicious. I mean, we’re talking restaurant-quality chicken tenders. Far above any fast-food fried chicken I’ve ever eaten. I got the five-piece, which I couldn’t finish due to the overwhelming size of my side of French fries, but they were so good that I put the extra two aside in a Ziploc bag in the fridge. I plan to reheat and eat them for lunch tomorrow. That’s how good they were — I truly believe they’ll withstand being refrigerated and reheated. How about that?

So, yes. I fell victim to an Arby’s commercial. It doesn’t happen often, and I won’t be making this a regular meal, but I’ve got to say, Arby’s, I’m a huge fan of your new Prime-Cut Chicken Tenders. They are seriously delicious.

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