Final Resolution Update of 2010

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Twelve months down, and time to party.

Keep track of my resolutions like I used to (slacker) – ACCOMPLISHED
Play poker in Las Vegas – FAILED
Party in Atlantic City – ACCOMPLISHEDPartied in Atlantic City for Kendall’s bachelorette party, March 26-28.
Go snowboarding – FAILED
Get a raise – ACCOMPLISHED Offered a new bonus program at work, March 5.
Save more money – ACCOMPLISHEDIncreased the percentage of my salary going into my 401(k), June 26.
Get a new car – ACCOMPLISHED Got a 2005 Hyundai Tucson, February 21.
Visit a winery or attend a wine tasting – ACCOMPLISHEDTook a tour of Williamsburg Winery and tasted seven of their wines, July 4.
Draw or paint a picture – FAILED
Use our Kinkaid’s giftcard – ACCOMPLISHED Used the Kinkaid’s giftcard, March 5.
Join something (like a sports league, poker league, gym, etc.) – ACCOMPLISHEDJoined the 30 for 30 Challenge along with 336 other bloggers!
See a few good concerts – ACCOMPLISHEDSaw Jack’s Mannequin and Fun. @ the Norva, March 5. Saw The Pietasters @ The Jewish Mother, March 20. Saw Jimmy Buffett @ Jiffy Lube Live (formerly Nissan Pavilion), September 2. Saw the Virginia Symphony Orchestra @ The Sandler Center, September 12.
See a few plays/musicals – ACCOMPLISHED Saw Jersey Boys @ The Palazzo, May 10. Saw Closer @ the Generic Theater, August 27. Saw Rigoletto @ the Harrison Opera House, October 6.
Get my own Harrah’s Total Rewards card, so I don’t have to beg my dad for deals on rooms – ALMOSTGot a Resorts Players Card instead, March 26.
Make a plan for what I’d like to buy/not buy as far as clothes for the year, so that I don’t go overboard shopping – ACCOMPLISHEDMade a list of my 2010 shopping resolutions in my other blog, January 2.
Take my cats to the vet – FAILED
Have my dented beach cruiser fender repaired – FAILED
Visit the Outer Banks – FAILED
Make some sort of major improvement to my condo (floors, counters, cabinets…something) – ALMOSTSteam-cleaned the carpets in my condo (I refuse to spend any money on the condo until I get it refinanced, so this improvement is going to have to do for now), October 31.
Make money from a source other than work – ACCOMPLISHEDReceived a $56 check from the consignment shop, January 21. Received a $60 check from the consignment shop, May 23. Received an $88 check from the consignment shop, August 14. Received a $73 check from the consignment shop, September 16.
Do some research on clothing manufacturing for two reasons: (1) to understand better what I’m proposing on at work, and (2) to make more educated decisions when shopping for clothes for myself – ACCOMPLISHEDDid some reading on clothing manufacturing online, January 6-7.
Keep The Coastal Chicster going – ACCOMPLISHED
Convince my parents to come see Jimmy Buffett – ACCOMPLISHEDParents bought Jimmy Buffett tickets, February 19. My parents came to see Jimmy Buffet, September 2.
Go ice skating – FAILED
Go horseback riding – FAILED
Go to the spa – ACCOMPLISHEDHad a massage at the spa at Resorts in Atlantic City, March 26. Had a massage at the Spa on the Boulevard, October 5.
Lose at least 10 pounds so that my Diesel jeans fit again – ACCOMPLISHEDWore my Diesel jeans out in public, April 3.
Sell something on eBay- ACCOMPLISHEDSold a Liberty of London for Target teapot on eBay, March 23. Sold some shirts on eBay, April 22. Sold my old cell phone on eBay, October 24.
Get contacts – FAILED
Finish reading all of KV’s books (in order) – FAILEDFinished reading God Bless You, Dr. Rosewater, April 1.
Volunteer for something – ACCOMPLISHEDDonated a basket and worked the ticket table @ the Kevin Patrick Hands to Angels Foundation 2nd Annual Benefit Dinner, February 27.
Finish paying off my TV before my Best Buy no-interest promo runs out – ACCOMPLISHED Finished paying off my TV before my promo ran out, July 19.
Paint the rest of the ceilings in my condo – FAILED
Convince First Horizon to lower the interest rate on my mortgage – FAILED (but not giving up) – Mortgage was transferred to LBPS in May. They’re a nightmare. Trying to refinance.
Hang out with Joelle and Michelle in California – FAILED
Make at least five new friends – ACCOMPLISHEDTina, Kendall, Sarah, Erica, Danielle
Go on some weekend trips – ACCOMPLISHED Went on a weekend trip to NJ/Atlantic City, March 25-28. Went on a girls’ weekend trip to Las Vegas, May 7-11. Spent a long weekend in New Jersey, July 18-21. Spent a long weekend in New Jersey, August 5-8. Spent a long weekend in New Jersey, November 24-28. Spent a nine-day “weekend” in New Jersey, December 23-31.
Frame my college degree – FAILED
Make something I can wear – ALMOSTI pinned a pin to a fedora to make an improved fedora…does that count?
Finish writing my novel? (Yeah, right.) – FAILED
Go to a VT football game – FAILED
See the sun rise – ACCOMPLISHEDSaw the sun rise while I was driving up the Eastern Shore to New Jersey, March 25. Saw the sun rise as I rolled in from a night of partying in Las Vegas, May 9.
Up my monthly MMA transfer to $125 in January, and increase it to $150 in June – ACCOMPLISHEDUpped my MMA transfer to $125, January 2. Upped my MMA transfer to $150, June 1.
Spend a day with Kristy and the new baby once she’s born – ACCOMPLISHEDSpent the afternoon with Kristy and Sadie, March 25.
Buy less boots (and flip-flops) – ACCOMPLISHEDBought two pairs of flip-flops in May. Bought one pair of boots in November.
Update the LJ more – ACCOMPLISHEDEven though it’s not the LJ anymore — now it’s the WP.
Make a new resolution every month: – ACCOMPLISHED
January: Re-organize my Photos folder on my computer – Re-organized photos into folders by year, January 1.
February: Learn how to make eclairs – Made eclairs, February 1.
March: Go running at least 10 times – Went running six times.
April: Find the perfect pair of penny loafers – Failed. Penny loafers look pretty stupid on me. Found the perfect pair of wedge sandals instead.
May: Take lots of pictures – Took lots of pictures in Las Vegas, May 7-11.
June: Do not buy any shoes – ACCOMPLISHED. I bought NO shoes in June.
July: Spend a day in New York City – Spent the day in New York City with my mom, July 19.
August: Lose eight pounds – Lost six pounds.
September: Get my sunroof fixed – Got my sunroof fixed (again) and picked my car up September 11.
October: Send my short refinance package to LBPS – Sent package to LBPS, October 5.
November: Successfully pull off my clothing swap party – ACCOMPLISHED. Swap party was a huge success, November 2.
December: Complete the 30 for 30 Challenge on my other blog – ACCOMPLISHED. 30 for 30 Challenge was a huge success!

Well, there you have it. That’s 28 ACCOMPLISHED, 16 FAILED, and 3 ALMOST – Better than last year! I totally could have knocked out a few more during the last week if I hadn’t gotten snowed in. I always cram the last week. I guess I learned my lesson for next year.

Now it’s time to hit up a NYE party at Tina’s and ring in the new year. I’ll post my new list tomorrow!

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: accomplished
And I’m singin’ along to: Tik Tok – Ke$sha

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