The Fabulous Killjoys

By October 24, 2010 February 1st, 2013 conversations, music

I’m kind of a huge fan of the new My Chemical Romance video, despite the fact that my first thought upon seeing it was, shit, I’m too old to like this. Truth be told, I’m probably too old to be shopping at Hollister, but I secretly enjoy dropping in there on occasion to pick up a new navy blue sweater and see what kind of tunes they’re blasting.

And there’s also this:

J: Want to watch Robin Hood?
Lisa: What’s the new Robin Hood like?
J: Let’s watch the trailer.

[We watch the trailer.]

Lisa: I don’t know. That looks like scary Robin Hood. Can we watch the Disney version?
J: What?
Lisa: You know. The one where Robin Hood is a fox. And that ssssssnake is in it. The ssssssssnake that talkssssss like thissssss. Sssssssssss.
J: No.

I think the concept for the new MCR album sounds pretty neat. (I looked it up on Wikipedia.) I love a great concept album — think American Idiot, Keasbey Nights, The Black Parade, The Crane Wife, and In The Aeroplane Over the Sea — and I can’t wait to listen to this one from start to finish.

And who knows? Maybe Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys will be the next rock opera to make it all the way to Broadway! Based on the characters in this video, I’m thinking that could be pretty entertaining.

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