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The Pork Loin Dance

I purchased a pork loin at Kroger yesterday with every intention of cooking it for dinner this evening. I bothered my co-workers all day, interrogating them about ways to cook a pork loin because I really had no clue how to make it edible. I’m not sure why I even bought the damn thing, seeing as how I had no idea how I was planning to cook it. I guess I was just sick of chicken. All I ever cook is freaking chicken. Chicken stir-fry, grilled chicken, chicken pasta — chicken, chicken chicken! Aaaaah! I tried to order wahoo at a restaurant the other night, but it was overcooked, and even it reminded me of chicken.

So, I picked up this pork loin, and it was on sale. You know I can’t resist a sale. All of a sudden I was craving pork loin (despite the fact that it’s probably been so long since I’ve eaten a pork loin that I doubt I remember what one tastes like), so I put it in the cart and decided to fork over $5.84 for it. Random thoughts about how to cook it popped into my head all throughout the evening last night, but since I’m no pork loin expert, I decided I’d just wait until right before dinner tonight and look a recipe up on the Internet. Or I’d just ask around at work. I did actually ask around at work, but for some reason I wasn’t able to focus intently on anyone’s answer.

As you can probably guess, I didn’t end up cooking the pork loin. Out of the blue, I had this sudden urge to hit the gym after work (wish that would happen more often), and by the time I was done walking 3.5 miles per hour uphill at a five percent incline for 30 minutes and haphazardly lifting a few weights, I figured it was too late to cook the pork loin. I vaguely recalled someone saying something about it taking an hour or something. So, we had chicken. Popcorn chicken, to be exact. Frozen. From Costco. Delish. Really.

Maybe I’ll have the pork loin for dinner tomorrow night. Have any suggestions on how to prepare it? I probably should have left it where I found it. Most other people would have taken it as a sign when "The Chicken Dance" came on the radio in the grocery store. (Yes, that actually happened.)

Oh well.

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