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Making Progress

I’m pretty sure that the economy is finally getting better. I’m no financial expert, but here’s how I can tell:

TJ Maxx is beginning to come up short when it comes to stocking cool shit that I want to buy.

It’s as simple as that. If the cool stuff I want to buy isn’t ending up at TJ Maxx, then people are buying it for a higher price somewhere else. And if people are starting to pay full price for things again, then they must have money. And if they have money, then they must have all gotten jobs. See? That’s how I know.

Of course, I have other supporting evidence, as well. For instance, all kinds of things that I want to buy are selling out in my size before I can find them on sale – and not cheap, shitty things. Expensive things like $195 silver Tory Burch Reva flats. I’ve also noticed that I lot more people are actually toting shopping bags full of purchases at the mall.

I’m all for the economy getting better (I celebrated by purchasing an $8 bottle of Essie nail polish); however I would prefer if people would start buying real estate again first. Leave all my designer desires at the store, so that I can continue to acquire them for a fraction of the price, and start gobbling up real estate instead. I’d really like to refinance my condo – that way I can free up some of my monthly income to be able to buy my clothes at higher prices again when TJ Maxx turns into a major void again. Okay?

Good. Glad we’ve got that settled.

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