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AP Stylebook Faux Pas

Lisa: "Why is this dumb newspaper referring to the president of the United States as ‘Mr. Obama’?"

J: "What newspaper?"

Lisa: (Scrolls to the top of the page.) "The New York Times."

I bet the AP Stylebook would also be pretty upset with me if I were a journalist and I broadcast my personal opinion about people who are responsible for oil spills. I think someone who is responsible for an oil spill should be taken up in a helicopter over the body of water that person has played a part in destroying, wearing extremely flammable clothing, set on fire, and pushed out the side to plummet to the surface and drown in his mess. Just a thought.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to blame one person for causing an oil spill as it is for blaming one person for, say, creating some pathetic excuse for a car bomb out of gasoline and fertilizer, wasting the time (and money) of an entire city’s law enforcement officials. Perhaps we could toss that person into the oil spill instead.

In the meantime, Facebook is trying to make me publicly endorse stupid television shows, hobbies, former places of employment and my hometown in one of it’s never-ending attempts to become profitable.


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