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Not So Minty Fresh

I’m so happy that it’s finally getting warm outside. I love springtime. Yesterday it was so nice out that my co-worker and I decided to have lunch outside. We hit up the Chick-fil-a drive thru and then crashed some stay-at-home moms’ play dates at the park in front of the Bow Creek Rec Center. It was a little chilly sitting at a picnic table in the shade, so I inhaled my chicken sandwich, tossed my bag in the trash, and assumed a position in the sun while M finished her lunch. We chatted about this and that until the sound of crinkling candy wrapper distracted me from our conversation.

"What the hell is that?" I demanded.

"It’s the little mint they toss in the bottom of your Chick-fil-a bag," M said.

"They give you a mint?" I asked.

"You’ve never had one? Yeah! It’s a mint. It’s good."

I stood, baffled, gaping stupidly at the trash can in dismay. I seriously considered for a long moment whether or not I could reach down into it without the sleeve of my shirt actually touching any part of the trash can. I doubted it, but I tip-toed over to take a quick peek inside…just to be sure.

"Damn," I said, straightening up as M tossed her Chick-fil-a bag into the trash, laughing hysterically.

"You’re something else," she said. "Classy."

"Whatever," I retorted. "I’m freaking awesome. You’re laughing aren’t you? Hmm.  I thought so."

Mintless, I turned toward the car, and we headed back to work.

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