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I’m a little teapot.


You can pretty much kiss any chance you’ve ever had at being cool goodbye if you don’t own one of these teapots. They’re a hot commodity for anyone who gets really excited over designers doing cheap collections for Target. I’m not particularly one of those people, but I have been in the market for a teapot. And after drooling over this one online for two months, it took me five trips to three Targets over two days to finally freaking find it — the elusive Liberty of London for Target Sixty Print Teapot. Because of course — since it was the only thing I wanted in that whole collection — it sold out online in like 30 seconds without any record of it ever having existed.

When I¬†finally found it, I¬†opened up the lid, and I swear this teapot said to me, “Lisa, you are so cool for finding me.”

And then I think it might have mumbled under its breath, “Only you’d be even cooler if you’d list me on eBay for three times what I’m worth.”

I can’t be certain though. I don’t speak Teapot.

This crazy trip has got me feelin’: victorious
And I’m singin’ along to: Giving Up the Gun – Vampire Weekend

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