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Weather or Not

By January 11, 2010February 1st, 2013hazards to my well-being, weather

I was relieved today that the temperature finally crept back up above 40 – so much so that I chose not to wear my coat when I left work. Of course, that also had something to do with the fact that the sweater I’m wearing has loose-fitting, three-quarter length sleeves that bunch up around my arms inside my jacket impeding my range of motion and making it nearly impossible to steer my car.

Either way, I feel like I’ve endured a lot of freak weather over the past few years. It may have started with the infamous smoke of 2008 that lingered in the air above Virginia Beach for a good month before allowing us to go outside and enjoy the summer months. Then, last February, the weather was in the teens for like, a straight week, which made me realize that the worst draft in my condo happens to come in through my dryer and blow open my laundry room doors. This spring, there was about two weeks of ridiculously gusty, strong wind which made flying to New Jersey feel like something in between a thrill ride and an extreme sport, what with all the turbulence and falling 20 feet at a time out of the sky. This summer, we had so much freaking rain that people literally went to the doctor for mosquito bites. WTF?

And let’s not forget that brutal Nor’easter that left half of Alexander’s On The Bay in the bay, and just generally wreaked havoc for three days straight leaving more than one ship run aground in Hampton Roads. And that just about brings us to this week’s arctic blast. Thanks for the sun, but I think we all would have appreciated it a little more if it weren’t 20 degrees out!

I’m also glad to see that it’s beginning to stay light outside until almost 5:30! That means that I can start running outside again after work. As long as it gets warm. And doesn’t rain. And stays sunny. And doesn’t become smokey. Ever, ever again.

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