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A Pirate’s Life

By October 22, 2009captain sea jay lewis

Today was a little sad for me because my little pet Betta fish passed away. His name was , and he was a pirate. He was given to me as a birthday gift over two and a half years ago. He spent the first 18 months of his life living on my desk at work, and lived out his retirement for the last year on my boyfriend’s kitchen table.

I never knew a fish could have so much personality and actually interact with people until I met Captain Sea Jay. He would react whenever he saw signs of life outside his bowl. He would even jump up out of the water to try and nip our fingers! It was a cute trick. He was such a wonderful little fishy, and we will miss him so much!

Over the course of his life, Captain Sea Jay had good days and bad, and I would just like to express how grateful I am to have had the Nippyfish website and blog to consult whenever my fishy had some ailment or another. Bettas are such fun little pets, and if you have one or plan to ever get one, Nippyfish is a very useful resource for learning how to care for them so they live a long healthy life.

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