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Here’s something you never want to happen to you at work. You don’t ever want to receive a letter via Certified Mail that starts off like this:

"Dear [you]:
Although I have never met you nor heard of your name, I am in receipt of your e-mail of Friday, May 1 (received 3:34 pm) and your voice mail which you left me 15 minutes prior to sending your e-mail. Your e-mail and your voice mail are not acceptable to [company sending the letter]. We have paid [your company] hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last three years…"

See how this might be a problem? What you also don’t want are the following:

1. For this letter to go on reeming you out for your idiocy for two entire pages
2. To be called out multiple times in the letter for your incorrect spelling in the e-mail to which the letter is a response
3. To be accused of unethical business practices and told to "be prepared to refund the fees that [company sending the letter] has paid to [your company]"
3. To see "Cc: [the CEO of your company]" at the bottom of the second page

If you’re wondering if this letter was addressed to me, the answer is absolutely not. I actually have a background in something called customer service and would never have done anything to warrant such a letter.

Good luck with not letting this happen to you at work. Although, if you’re good at what you do, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Over and out.

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