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2009 Resolutions

By January 3, 2009resolutions

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting the new list, so here it goes…

In the year 2009, I will:
Check my credit report
Take my cats to the vet
Go to the eye doctor
Help John pick out a puppy
Go horseback riding
Go ice skating
Go snowboarding
Go bowling
Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean (it’s been five years, time to do it again)
Go surfing
Do yoga (Wii Fit yoga doesn’t count!)
Create a second store
Lose 15 pounds by my birthday
Put new floors in my condo
Finish painting the ceilings in my condo
Get a ceiling fan for my living room
Find a new exercise to try
Hang out with The Big A
Plan an awesome shower and bachelorette party for Kristy
Run more
Make a sincere effort to follow WW online (since I paid $65 for it)
Visit Charleston, SC
Make it through the summer without causing any serious damage to my beach cruiser
Take a whole week off work…twice
Save more money
Print/frame/hang some of my photos in my condo
Get a raise
Volunteer for something
Write in my LJ more
Continue working on my novel
Go on a vacation and a few weekend trips
Attend a few awesome concerts/plays/performances of some sort
Go to a few wine tastings and make a list with J of wines we like/dislike
Cook healthy, new things for dinner and expand my recipe file
Have my Smilebook of last summer’s pictures printed
Participate in Light the Night
Make at least five new friends
Read at least two books per month
Do more with the Chi Omega Alumnae group
Have dinner with my grandbig
Have more Girls’ Nights
Be e-mail pen-pals with Kerri
Hang out with Hilary
Put $75/month into my MMA until June, then up it to $100/month until December
See my little cousins that live in PA
Continue writing in the LJ for another whole year
Make a new resolution every month:
January: Read Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan

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