An Old Poem

By November 13, 2008 literary devices

I think I wrote this in 2006. I just found it. It’s kind of decent, so I figured I’d share…

He jolted awake when his ship hit a swell,
And he found himself missing a girl named Michelle.
But he thought about her and the way it had been,
And it tortured his soul that he’d left her again.
He silently screamed and it shattered the world,
And the pieces fell down on the heart of a girl.
She woke up from a dream, panicked, gasping for air,
And she reached out for him, but he wasn’t there.
He was thousands of miles away out to sea
Gazing back at the shore, wondering where she could be.
He leaned over the railing, glancing down in the dark,
And she looked to the sky and she wished on a star.
“I’m still here like I promised,” she wanted to say,
“I still think about you every night and all day.”
“I should never have left,” he sighed into the night,
“I’ll come back next year, and I’ll make it all right.”
She returned to her bed, tried to fall back asleep,
But her mind raced with thoughts of love she couldn’t keep.
She watched east, he looked west, and they both shed a tear
In the hopes they’d cross paths once more in a year.

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