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By October 15, 2008 political views

I read in the paper today that Virginia’s election officials adopted a policy that allows poll workers to prevent people from sporting political paraphernalia while voting. Not that I would be caught dead in "political paraphernalia" any day of the week, but it seems to me that this new policy is right up there with telling sports fans they can show support in team apparel – just not to the game!

I understand the need to create a neutral voting atmosphere, but banning people from wearing t-shirts and buttons to support their candidate might be going a little overboard. Handing out campaign material is, and should be, prevented within 40 feet of the polling place entrance.

Whatever. Like I said, I’m not the type to go traipsing around town decked out in political garb anyway. But, all you campaign fashionistas better plan ahead. You won’t be able to support your candidate on any visible clothing or accessories, so get out there and buy your Obama and McCain panties – classy. I’m sure undergarments are okay, as long as you don’t flash them around at the voting booth.

As for me, I’ll be voting for 7-Eleven, a company who has, by far, come up with the best election-time marketing campaign I’ve seen yet – the 7-Election! It’s such a great idea that this is the third election year they’ve used it – cool cups, neat website, fresh coffee. You can’t go wrong there.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I know, that’s such B.S. Maryland lets people wear buttons. I don’t get the whole philosophy behind creating a neutral voting atmosphere. I mean, if the sight of an “Obama ’08” button within 40 feet of the voting booth is enough to make you change your mind about who you’re voting for, then I think you’ve gotta ask yourself … just how committed WERE you to your candidate? Haha.

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