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Resolution Update

By March 3, 2008resolutions

After two months, here’s what I’ve accomplished:

Read 10 non-fiction books
Create a system for keeping track of my own medical records – Made a binder with a calendar and some other medical-related stuff in it, January 24.
Take my cats to the vet
Go camping
Go fishing
Go surfing
Go snowboarding – Went snowboarding at Snowshoe, January 10-12.
Take a whole week off work
Don’t call my ex-boyfriend – FAILEDCalled my ex-boyfriend, February 18.
Find a good gynecologist – Found an awesome gynecologist, January 25.
Don’t complain as much when I’m sick
Go horseback riding
Get a raise
Write more
Sell more stuff on eBay
Make $100 off my store
Finish gluing Swarovski crystals to my other brown flip-flop
Get a TiVo HD
Get a Nintendo Wii
Get Guitar Hero
Get Dance Dance Revolution
Hang out with The Big A – Hung out with The Big A in Richmond, February 1.
Frame my college degree
Volunteer for something
Make at least five new friends
Use my wetsuit
Finish painting my condo
Put down wood floors in my condo
Look hot in a bathing suit this summer
Do something that scares me
Go to an orthodontist, even if it’s just for a free consultation
Go see some places I’ve never been before – Went to Snowshoe, January 10-13.
Go ice skating
Go roller skating
Go to at least one VT football game
Frame some of the photos I’ve taken and hang them up in my condo
Go see Katie & Adam’s new house
Baby-sit for at least one my friends’ kids
Visit Aunt Kim, Uncle Franky and my cousins in Pennsylvania
Get a Crock-Pot – Got a Crock-Pot, February 9.
Have a party – Had a Superbowl party, February 3.
Open a new savings account with CJ
Go to the gym a lot
Play my oboe
Buy Kerri dinner
Play the Rich Dad CASHFLOW 101 board game
Do something exciting on my birthday
Do 58 sit-ups in two minutes
Do 21 push-ups in two minutes
Run 1.5 miles in 14:15 – Ran 1.5 miles in 13:02, February 7.
End the year with a positive net worth
Continue writing in my LJ for another whole year
Make a new resolution every month:
January: Have an awesome time with my boyfriend on our trip to Snowshoe! – Had an awesome time at Snowshoe, January 10-13.
February: Don’t complain as much and cry less than 10 times this month – FAILEDComplained less, but cried WAY more than 10 times.
March: Cry less than 10 times this month

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