Resolution Update

By February 4, 2008 resolutions

After one month, here’s what I’ve accomplished:

Read 10 non-fiction books
Create a system for keeping track of my own medical records – Made a binder with a calendar and some other medical-related stuff in it, January 24.
Take my cats to the vet
Go camping
Go fishing
Go surfing
Go snowboarding – Went snowboarding at Snowshoe, January 10-12.
Take a whole week off work
Don’t call my ex-boyfriend
Find a good gynecologist – Found an awesome gynecologist, January 25.
Don’t complain as much when I’m sick
Go horseback riding
Get a raise
Write more
Sell more stuff on eBay
Make $100 off my store
Finish gluing Swarovski crystals to my other brown flip-flop
Get a TiVo HD
Get a Nintendo Wii
Get Guitar Hero
Get Dance Dance Revolution
Hang out with The Big A
Frame my college degree
Volunteer for something
Make at least five new friends
Use my wetsuit
Finish painting my condo
Put down wood floors in my condo
Look hot in a bathing suit this summer
Do something that scares me
Go to an orthodontist, even if it’s just for a free consultation
Go see some places I’ve never been before – Went to Snowshoe, January 10-13.
Go ice skating
Go roller skating
Go to at least one VT football game
Frame some of the photos I’ve taken and hang them up in my condo
Go see Katie & Adam’s new house
Baby-sit for at least one my friends’ kids
Visit Aunt Kim, Uncle Franky and my cousins in Pennsylvania
Get a Crock-Pot
Have a party
Open a new savings account with CJ
Go to the gym a lot
Play my oboe
Buy Kerri dinner
Play the Rich Dad CASHFLOW 101 board game
Do something exciting on my birthday
Do 58 sit-ups in two minutes
Do 21 push-ups in two minutes
Run 1.5 miles in 14:15
End the year with a positive net worth
Continue writing in my LJ for another whole year
Make a new resolution every month:
January: Have an awesome time with my boyfriend on our trip to Snowshoe! – Had an awesome time at Snowshoe, January 10-13.
February: Don’t complain as much and cry less than 10 times this month

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