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Final Resolution Update of 2007

By December 31, 2007resolutions, year in review

There goes another year! After twelve months, here’s where I stand on my resolutions:

In the year 2007, I will:
Take a whole week off work – FAILED
Paint the rest of my condo – ALMOST Painted Kristina’s bathroom, June 15. Painted Kristina’s bedroom, September 23. Painted the hallway, October 18.
Take Mele to the vet – FAILED
Get a Nintendo Wii – FAILED
Do yoga – ACCOMPLISHEDDid hot yoga, November 27. Did hot yoga again, December 4.
Visit Kerri in Grenada – FAILED
Run more – ACCOMPLISHEDI ran on the beach a lot in the spring and summer, and I’ve been running on the treadmill at the gym since I joined. I also ran in a 5K this year – which isn’t much, but I didn’t run in any races last year!
Eat out less – ACCOMPLISHEDI’ve definitely cut back on spending so much money eating out. Chris and I go food shopping together and cook dinner for each other a lot! When we do eat out, I try to use my Entertainment book and other coupons.
Adopt another kitty – ACCOMPLISHEDBrought Kona home, January 3.
Take a class – FAILED
Organize my room – ALMOSTI reorganized some of my cabinets and cleaned off my dresser a few weeks ago, but my room is sort of a mess right now.
Get a massage – ACCOMPLISHEDGot a reflexology massage, February 17.
Begin writing a book – FAILED
Frame my college degree – FAILED
Make $25 off my storeACCOMPLISHED – Received a check for $38.52 from CafePress, October 17. 
Cook something new – ACCOMPLISHEDCooked French dip roast beef sandwiches and asparagus and green beans with lemon tarragon dipping sauce, January 18. Made lasagna, March 1. Cooked bruschetta chicken bake, March 28. Cooked ravioli, May 1. I keep cooking new things, but I’m not keeping track anymore. Cooked crabcakes and coconut shrimp, August 5.
Hang out with my little cousins I used to live with in Vegas (Kristin, Courtney, Sammy and Franky) – FAILED
Reformat my hard drive – FAILED
Eat at the restaurant that used to be Chef Ed’s – FAILED
Bowl a 200 – FAILED
Play the Rich Dad CASHFLOW 101 board game – FAILED
Go horseback riding – FAILED
Rent a car – FAILED
Visit Charleston, SC – FAILED
Get a flat screen TV – ACCOMPLISHEDGot a 40-inch Samsung LCD flat screen TV, December 30.
Stop being late to everything (especially work) – ACCOMPLISHEDI’ve been much better about being on time, especially to work.
Ice skate – ACCOMPLISHED Went ice skating at MacArthur Center with Amy, January 12.
Take Chris to New Jersey (Bring him to Bar A and Brave New World) – ACCOMPLISHEDTook Chris to New Jersey, June 29. Brought him to Bar A and Brave New World, June 30.
Belly dance – FAILED
Get my surfboard back from Rich – ACCOMPLISHEDGot my surfboard back from Rich, January 22.
Take it in the ocean – ACCOMPLISHEDTook surfboard in the ocean, June 18. Went surfing again, June 19. Took surfboard in the ocean, August 12. Took surfboard in the ocean, August 22.
Stand up on it (in the ocean) – ACCOMPLISHED Stood up on my surfboard twice, August 12.
Make 10 new friends – ALMOST Jessie Caretti, Heather Wilkie, Teresa Jordan, Michelle Smith 
Set up a filing cabinet at home – FAILED
Get a sewing machine – FAILED
Use my AirTran ticket to fly somewhere – ACCOMPLISHEDUsed my AirTran ticket to fly to Ohio (and back) for Tara’s wedding, May 24-26.
Hang out with The Big A – ACCOMPLISHEDHung out with The Big A at Wintergreen, February 11. Hung out with The Big A at Wintergreen again, February 24. Hung out with The Big A at Homecoming, September 28-29.
See at least 10 cool concerts (including Jack’s Mannequin and Reel Big Fish) – ALMOST Huey Lewis & The News @ the Oceanfront, June 1. 1964, The Tribute @ Harborfest, June 8. Badfish @ The NorVa, June 9. Jimmy Buffet @ Nissan Pavilion, June 28. Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake and Streetlight Manifesto @ Ram’s Head Live!, July 14. Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake and Streetlight Manifesto @ The NorVa, July 20. The Shins @ The NorVa, October 20.
Eat sushi – ACCOMPLISHEDAte two California rolls with Chris at Otani (with salmon eggs in them – gross!), January 27. Ate sushi at Chris’s dad’s house, May 27. Got sushi to go from Blue Fin and brought it over to Chris’s house to surprise him, August 31. As of November, I eat sushi all the time now for lunch.
Watch a Jenna Jameson movie – FAILED
Ride my bike – ACCOMPLISHEDRode my bike, March 13.
Get a dustbuster – ACCOMPLISHEDGot a dustbuster, February 4.
Go to California – ACCOMPLISHEDWent to California for work (San Francisco and Oakland), October 8-12.
Fix the CD player in the Malibu (or get a car with a properly functioning CD player) – ACCOMPLISHEDBought a 2002 Ford ZX2 with a functioning six-CD changer, January 14.
Buy a lottery ticket – ACCOMPLISHEDBought a lottery ticket (didn’t win anything), October 16.
Get a goldfish for my desk at work – ACCOMPLISHEDBrought Captian Sea Jay Lewis the betta fish (my birthday present) to work, April 12. Even cooler than a goldfish!
Write someone a letter – ACCOMPLISHEDWrote Chris a letter, December 9.
Use my wetsuit – FAILED
Revamp my LJ – FAILED
Read at least 15 books – ACCOMPLISHEDCat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner by David Bach, Women & Money by Suze Orman, Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut, How Nancy Drew Saved My Life by Laura Baratz-Logsted, The Clue in the Old Album by Carolyn Keene, The Bay At Midnight by Diane Chamberlain, The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes by Diane Chamberlain, The Keeper of the Light by Diane Chamberlain, Kiss River by Diane Chamberlain, Her Mother’s Shadow by Diane Chamberlain, A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffett, The Choice by Nicholas Sparks, Where is Joe Merchant? by Jimmy Buffett, Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks
Make something I can wear – ALMOST I started gluing Swarovski crystals to a pair of flip-flops this summer, but I only finished one.
Spend a day in New York City – ACCOMPLISHEDSpent an evening in New York City (ate dinner and saw Avenue Q on Broadway), June 29.
Get a raise – ACCOMPLISHED Got a raise, March 30.
Make my fireplace look pretty – ALMOST I moved my loveseat in front of it, so now it doesn’t matter what it looks like. Does that count?
Sell something on eBay – ACCOMPLISHEDSold two items on eBay, February 3. Sold an item on eBay, February 27. Sold three items on eBay, March 7. Sold one item on eBay, March 28. Sold two more items on eBay, April 1. Sold two more items on eBay, June 21. I keep selling stuff on eBay, so I’m not keeping track anymore! As of August, I’ve turned selling stuff on eBay into a profitable hobby.
Do something exciting on my birthday – ACCOMPLISHED Went to PF Chang’s with Chris, Scott, Amy, Corinne, Laurie, Grant, Tom and Christine for dinner and then hung out for a bit at Gordon Biersch for the Maibock tapping party, April 10. Chris sent me beautiful flowers that lasted for three weeks and gave me a betta fish for my desk at work.
Win money playing poker – FAILED
Continue writing in my LJ for another whole year – ACCOMPLISHED
Do 58 sit-ups in two minutes – FAILED
Do 21 push-ups in two minutes – FAILED
Get my wisdom teeth out – ACCOMPLISHED Got my wisdom teeth out, April 4.
Re-read Hawaii by James Michener – FAILED
Buy more real estate – FAILED
Go to Busch Gardens – ACCOMPLISHED Went to Busch Gardens, October 21.
Not cut my hair short again – ACCOMPLISHED
Have a party – FAILED
Get a keyboard – FAILED
Write a song – FAILED
Get a picture in front of the VT bush – ACCOMPLISHEDGot a picture in front of the VT bush with Andrea, September 29.
Run in a race – ACCOMPLISHED Ran in the Kiwanis Town Center Races 5K, November 10.
Take clothes to the consignment shop – FAILED
Volunteer for something – FAILED
Play my oboe – FAILED
End the year with a positive net worth – FAILED
Make a new resolution every month – ACCOMPLISHED
January: Give Tara the $100 I owe her – Wrote Tara a check for $115, January 13.
February: Learn to snowboard – Took a snowboarding lesson, February 11. Read a snowboarding book while icing by bruised knees, February 12. Bought a snowboard, February 13. Went snowboarding again (and did AWESOME!), February 24.
March: Go running more as the weather gets nice (at least 10 times) – Went running 10 times.
April: Sell my loveseat – Failed.
May: Plan a cruise with Chris for our one-year anniversary! – We didn’t plan a cruise, but we’re planning a trip to an all-inclusive resort somewhere in the Caribbean for this December, and we opened a joint savings account to save up for it, May 27.
June: Paint Kristina’s room – Almost. She still hasn’t taken her furniture out of it, but we painted her bathroom, June 15. Painted her room, September 23. 
July: Get a tan – I spent alot of time at the beach this month! For all intents and purposes, I’m tan. Maybe not as tan as everyone else, but tan for me. Chris even said I was tan!
August: Slim down and tone up a little, so I don’t have to waste money on bigger fall clothes – Failed. I think I’m fatter. Accomplished, September 30.
September: Join a gym and run 1.5 miles in 14:15 or less – Joined the rec center with Tara, September 5. Ran a mile and a half in 13:47 on a treadmill, September 11.
October: Find a new hobby – Surprisingly, my new hobby this month was hanging out with my friends more.
November: Plan a holiday dinner with friends (since I’m always out of town for Thanksgiving and Christmas) – Failed. I planned it, but I never actually sent out the invites. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough money to have a party.
December: Don’t use a bunch of money from my savings account to buy Christmas presents – Accomplished. I still have plenty of money leftover after Christmas, and I only bought presents for my immediate family and my boyfriend.

Well, out of 75 resolutions, thats 36 ACCOMPLISHED, 6 ALMOST, and 33 FAILED. I say that’s pretty good, considering how many resolutions I made this year!

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