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2007 Resolutions

By January 1, 2007resolutions

Well, today marks the beginning of another new year — you know what that means. Here’s the new list.

In the year 2007, I will:
Take a whole week off work
Paint the rest of my condo
Take Mele to the vet
Get a Nintendo Wii
Do yoga
Visit Kerri in Grenada
Run more
Eat out less
Adopt another kitty
Take a class
Organize my room
Get a massage
Begin writing a book
Frame my college degree
Make $25 off my store
Cook something new
Hang out with my little cousins I used to live with in Vegas (Kristin, Courtney, Sammy and Franky)
Reformat my hard drive
Eat at the restaurant that used to be Chef Ed’s
Bowl a 200
Play the Rich Dad CASHFLOW 101 board game
Go horseback riding
Rent a car
Visit Charleston, SC
Get a flat screen TV
Stop being late to everything (especially work)
Ice skate
Take Chris to New Jersey (Bring him to Bar A and Brave New World)
Belly dance
Get my surfboard back from Rich
Take it in the ocean
Stand up on it (in the ocean)
Make 10 new friends
Set up a filing cabinet at home
Get a sewing machine
Use my AirTran ticket to fly somewhere
Hang out with The Big A
See at least 10 cool concerts (including Jack’s Mannequin and Reel Big Fish)
Eat sushi
Watch a Jenna Jameson movie
Ride my bike
Get a dustbuster
Go to California
Fix the CD player in the Malibu (or get a car with a properly functioning CD player)
Buy a lottery ticket
Get a goldfish for my desk at work
Write someone a letter
Use my wetsuit
Revamp my LJ
Read at least 15 books
Make something I can wear
Spend a day in New York City
Get a raise
Make my fireplace look pretty
Sell something on eBay
Do something exciting on my birthday
Win money playing poker
Continue writing in my LJ for another whole year
Do 58 sit-ups in two minutes
Do 21 push-ups in two minutes
Get my wisdom teeth out
Re-read Hawaii by James Michener
Buy more real estate
Go to Busch Gardens
Not cut my hair short again
Have a party
Get a keyboard
Write a song
Get a picture in front of the VT bush
Run in a race
Take clothes to the consignment shop
Volunteer for something
Play my oboe
End the year with a positive net worth
Make a new resolution every month:
January: Give Tara the $100 I owe her

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