Kona the Kitty

It has come to my attention that I am precariously approaching the status of future crazy cat lady, and therefore need to delve back into some of my previous hobbies (such as updating the LJ with humorous anecdotes) in order to keep my hospitable self out of the cat adoption sections of the various PetSmarts around town. 

As you know, I adopted Mele the kitty in April, and she is the most awesome cat ever. She loves to talk and roll around on the carpet and rip up paper, and she loves to play with strings and Nordstrom shopping bags (although her current favorite is a red shopping bag from Bebe). However, due to our current living situation (i.e., my roommate is never home and I sometimes sleep at my boyfriend’s house), I think Mele has been lonely. I’ve been contemplating adopting her a friend for the past few months, but I was going to wait until January. 

So, of course, I just happened to find the cutest little kitten at PetSmart last week. I fell in love with her. She’s really sweet, but really shy because she was rescued from under a house. She’s been very sick for the first few months of her life, so she’s pretty tiny and her foster family says she probably won’t get much bigger. But, she’s healthy now, and she’s six months old. She’s got black and grey tiger stripes and four white feet. I hope Mele likes her. I’m going to name her Kona. (Kitties with Hawaiian names rock.)

I figure they’ll make a good pair. Kona’s really shy and loves to hide, and Mele’s always hiding under the couch because she’s scared of the “big scary space monster” (a.k.a. jet noise), so they can totally have kitty time under the couch together. Right?

Right. Don’t let me adopt any more cats.

Oh, and Mele wanted me to tell everyone “Mele Kalikimaka!” (I think she thinks it means Merry Christmas just from her… Silly.)

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