Meal Planning

Here’s how un-motivated I am. 

This morning, I didn’t feel like making lunch for myself to bring to work.  I stood there in the kitchen with my keys and my purse and my huge, tacky, pink Victoria’s Secret bag, and I stared forlornly at the refrigerator, contemplating a course of action.  I knew I didn’t want to make a sandwich, but I also knew that I’d be hungry by 11:30.  I let out an irritated groan, dropped all my bags on the floor and did what any efficient, resourceful, responsible adult would do – I tossed the entire loaf of bread, the remaining slices of cheese, a half-empty container of fat-free turkey and the spare bottle of mustard into a crumpled up Wal-Mart bag, added it to my pile of shit to carry to work, and trudged out the door.  I came to work, put the entire bag of food into the fridge in the kitchen, and went to Starbucks for lunch.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Kudos to you I have started stocking the pantry at work with breakfast so I dont have to drag my ass out of bed a moment too soon!

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